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Trip Overview

Throughout the history, Lhasa has remained the spiritual, political and economic center of Tibet. Lhasa houses most of the important monasteries and cultural treasures of Tibet. A visit to Lhasa is not just the visit of Tibet’s capital but it will allow an opportunity to experience Tibetan culture, visit the numerous heritage sites and watch the daily life of the Tibetans. This is what known as Lhasa sightseeing tour.

Our trip starts with a spectacular flight across the Himalaya from Kathmandu to Lhasa. You will see Mt Everest and a long range of the Himalayas from the flight. In Lhasa we visit the holiest of Tibetan Temple Jokhang and the nearby traditional market place of Bharkhor bazzar. Watching the Tibetan pilgrims who come to this temple from all over Tibet is a great experience and gives an insight on the religious Tibetan life. Our tour also covers the famous Potala and Norbulingka Palace of the Dalai Lamas and important Gelugpa monasteries of Drepung and Sera where there used to be up to 10,000 monks in the days gone. The sights and atmosphere in Lhasa is very different, unusual and unique. With exotic impressions and memories of Lhasa and its friendly religious people we return to Kathmandu by flight or to mainland China as per you further plan. This tour is suitable for people having very short holiday to visit Tibet or for elderly people who can not cope with high altitude in other parts of Tibet or for people who want to travel to Tibet with their kids. If you fly to Kathmandu after the tour, you require to go for five days itinerary to catch the next flight to Kathmandu. However, those flying to China after the tour can go for four days itinerary. Here are both: see the itineraries.

Budget: Starting From

Duration: 5 Days (Cutomizable Trip)