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2023-09-15 01:24:09

Dreams are made of this Oct 2016

my second visit to Nepal and now I have a &"friend" waiting at the very fancy
new international airport. Saligram arranged our first visit to Kathmandu and
trek to Poon hill a few years ago and we fell in love with the country and
people promising to return. Our day tour to Bhaktapur was interesting even though many of the buildings had been damaged by the earthquake. There is a lot of rebuilding going on and I'm sure all will be restored eventually. Our overnight trip to Nagarkot was excellent, this is an introduction to the countryside without trekking. The views of Himalaya range breathtaking. Sali made our few days memorable, his forte is definitely the mountains and trekking routes but he did a great job making our short visit memorable. I would highly recommend him and his porters.

  Jo Liew,

2023-09-15 01:21:22

Nepal has more attractions! Not just trekking. Jan 2017

Yes! Just like what Saligram my guide has always said & once is never enough
in Nepal& I returned to Nepal and this time round I took the opportunity to
explore the city of Kathmandu and Pokhara. The historical sites in Kathmandu
are just amazing. Despite the major earthquake in 2015 they had withstand
the test of time. And the view in Pokhara is just breathtaking. Wherever you
move in the town, you never lose sight the snowcapped mountains. All these
were made possible with the arrangement by my trustworthy and reliable
guide Mr Saligram from Mountain World Treks. Practically everything! Yes,
this is the 2nd time I engaged Sali to be my guide while in Nepal and I have
no qualms there will be more in the future as I will return this November and
again Mountain World Treks will be there to do the necessary for my ABC
trek. Thank you Sali for a wonderful trip.

  Ckay Tan,

2023-09-15 01:19:54

Langtang & Gosaikunda Trek Nov 2019

Once again I choose Mountain World Treks for my recently trek. It been the
3rd years in row I'm choosing them for my trek in Nepal. They never
disappointed me and love the friendly & professional services that provided to our group during the trek.

  Neo Seow boon,

2023-09-15 01:18:16

Nepal Langtang and Gosainkunda trekking Nov 19

Excellent and professional guide who know his stuff. Take good care of the
team and ensure their safety.

  Jelaine Ang,

2023-09-15 01:16:13

Langtang Gosainkunda Trek Nov 2019

Interesting trek and great view with experienced guide.
They provide a very great service with awesome hospitality.
Looking forward to join other trek in the future.


2023-09-15 01:14:10

Langtang trek with Mountain world Treks Oct 2019

Mountain world Treks is a very organizing company. They have very experienced guards.
Responsible, friendly , helpful and caring they have impress me along my trek! Here, i would like to express my appreciation to everyone who had gave me a hand during a trek , Especially Sandip, Milano, Suresh & Santosh. Also Thank you Saligram for organizing us this wonderful trip.
I will recommend to anyone who have interested a trekking in Nepal - it is a Beautiful mountain country!

  Jo L,

2023-09-15 01:11:48

Nepal Langtang &Gosainkuinda Treks Nov 2019

Namaste ( I am never tired of this word). Back in Nepal for another great treks
with Mountain World Treks &Expeditions. Big thank you to Saligram and his boys for the care taken during our treks. The professionalism and passions shown by our VIP (4 very important porters) were ever cheerful, despite the tiring climb with all our heavy loads. Thank you very much to Saligram for pushing me on during the ascend. Not forgetting Suresh, Tej and Ramesh for an unforgettable and memorable trip. See you all again for another trip. If you are planning a trip to Nepal, our responsible and professional Mr Saligram and boys from Mountain world Treks &Expeditions are always at your service.


2023-09-15 01:09:14

Nepal - Langtang Gosainkunda Trek Nov 2019

This is my 2nd trip with Mountain World Treks. Reason for returning to them is
the service rendered by them is top notch. From the day we touch down till the
day we departed everything was taken care of. Trekking with old and new
found friends was an experience I would never forget, the view, the yak poop
along the way, Masala tea, cold water shower and everything else. Our guide
Saligram was so attentive he was reminding us nonstop to drink ample water,
use sunblock and lip protector, blah, blah, blah.  (ahahahahha). Thanks a lot
for everything.
I will be back Saligram.


2023-09-15 01:07:02

Langtang & Gosaikunda Treks with Sali Nov 2019

We were very well taken care of from the moment we step foot in Kathmandu.
Trip were very well organized &one can immediately tell that Sali is a very experienced tour operator. Every needs, details & even a small gap were all filled up. There was a need for emergency evacuation due to personal health for one of our friends; Sali took care of everything personally without having to leave guiding the rests of us. We were briefed & reminded what to do, how much water to drink, what to lookout for & every minute details so that we could all ascent & descent safely. Most importantly, the positive vibe &motivation enable us to all happily achieve our goals for this trip. I highly
recommend this tour operator to anyone who wants to experience hiking in
Nepal. ��

  sarita paris,

2023-09-15 01:04:01

Yet another amazing trip Apr 2017

This is now my third trip to Nepal and once again Mountain World Treks have
been amazing. This time I did the Langtang trek. Saligram made sure that
everything was sorted beforehand to make this trip amazing. Another lovely
warm welcome and my guide Bikalpa was incredible - so attentive and helpful
and made sure that everything went to plan and was constantly looking after
me and helping me along the way. Would thoroughly recommend this
company and cannot give enough praise to them and to my guide who was so
supportive and made the trip a fantastic and wonderful experience. Thank you
so much again and hope to see you soon - I was so sad to leave...

  Vincent L,

2023-09-15 01:02:52

Gosaikunda Lake trek Oct 2016

The trek was very well planned. The professionalism work by the guides and
the porters made a rookie trekker like me felt so comfortable. I would definitely
look forward to trek in Nepal again with Mountain World Treks. Great work

  Jenna F,

2023-09-15 01:01:51

Gosainkunda Trek, Nepal Oct 2016

My recent trek to Nepal in October was an unforgettable experience. The
mountains were awesome n the treks manageable. Many thanks to Saligram
(we call him Sali) of Mountain World Treks and his team. They made the
journey so enjoyable n safe. Chief guide Sali was very focused, organized and
helpful... he has a great sense of humor too. The lead guide, Sudip, ensured
the group followed safely and the sweeper, Prakash (aka "Sunrise") ensured
no one was left behind. The porters too were fantastic.. always cheerful able it
the heavy load on their heads. Great job MWT!

  Katherine W,

2023-09-15 01:00:11

Gosainkunda Trek Oct 2016

Woa...what can I say except that it was an experience of a lifetime! My first
adventure in Nepal and the Himalayas; definitely an eye opener. The trek was
challenging, yet self-paced to enable you to go as fast or as leisurely as you
liked. Sali and his team of guides and porters were always there to assist you
and support you. The mountain accommodation (tea houses) are basic and
there were no expectations, hence no disappointment, but wouldn't mind any
future upmarket tea houses :) Food was good and many a times Sali would
ask whether we had any preferences and where possible he would do his best
to ensure we got what we wanted. Its important to make us happy along the
way and the team tried very hard to do that and hence, grateful for their
One thing I would like to point out was the sleeping bags. As we elevated to
the top and stayed overnight at our last teahouse; the sleeping bag was not
warm enough for the cold temperature (for me anyways). Hence, I would
suggest to get a slightly thicker type so that we can snuggle from the cold. No
sleep, no trek the next day otherwise :)
Other than that, I enjoyed the trek tremendously. Attention to detail and
looking out for your clients is a must as a guide. We rely on their expertise and
experience and would recommend Sali and his team without a doubt. The
whole team including the porters were fun and helpful to have around. Thank
you for the birthday surprise also, much appreciated. Thanks Sali and team. I
shall be back, so look out....cheers


2023-09-15 00:57:56

Gosainkund Trek Oct 2016

This is my first trip to Nepal and I am pleased to be travelling with Mountain
World Treks and Expedition!
Very fortunate to have Sali who followed us for the trek. His English speaking
guides, Prakash and Sudip, and group of porters were professional and
helped us out unconditionally throughout the trip. They constantly kept a
lookout for some of us who were weaker or ill, and offered to help us with our
day backpack. The guides and porters also shared their lifestyles and culture
with us as we trekked. Very insightful conversations and experience with the
The choice of accommodation and food were pleasant too, though I was told
not to expect too much when we elevate to higher altitudes. Glad to be
provided sleeping bags to keep us warm in the low and chilly temperatures at
I am already looking forward to travel with Sali and team for my EBC trip in
April-May 2017! Highly recommended!


2023-09-15 00:56:37

Gosainkunda Trek Oct 2016

Had a great time and fun experience doing the Gosainkunda Trek with the
help of Mountain World Treks, Sali & team did a great job in helping and
guiding us all through out the trip, from arriving to the airport and shopping
around Thamel as well up to our main trip to trekking to the Lake. They're very
accommodating and friendly guides &porters. Looking for another trip with
them in the near future. Thanks again!

  Khong Woon Shin,

2023-09-15 00:55:09

My First Trekking Trip in the Nepal Himalaya Oct 2016

This is my first trip to Kathmandu, Nepal and had experienced my first trekking
trip to Gosainkunda Lake in a team of 15adults and 4children with Mountain
World Treks and Expedition. Thank you Sali and your team for being
personally there to show us around Thamel in Kathmandu and guided us well
throughout the trekking journey. It was a pleasant experience and I am looking
forward to my next April-May 2017 trekking trip with you and your team again.

  noplan nomad,

2023-09-15 00:53:37

My First Trekking Trip in the Nepal Himalaya Oct 2016

I spent two months in Nepal and went on two trips with Mountain World Treks,
Langtang trek and Pool HIll trek. They were fantastic! Saligram, our guide,
was able to cater to all of our requests and put together the exact trip we were
looking for. I felt well taken care of the entire time. I could tell that Mountain
World Treks is an experienced company and knows how to make a trip run
smoothly. The guides and porters are wonderful and lots of fun. I would
definitely recommend booking a trip with MWT, you won't regret it.


2023-09-15 00:52:11

Magnificent Nepal & Tibet with Mountain World Treks May 2014

Many thanks to Saligram Aryal, owner, for treating me so well from our first
email contact to our last moment at the airport. His response to emails and
questions was always prompt and professional and he was consistently
friendly, reliable, punctual and honest.
Saligram understands what is important to travellers and ensures that all
needs are met. He makes it seem effortless and the result is a wonderful and
unforgettable experience. His great sense of humor also adds to the magic
he creates.
He arranged and helped plan all aspects of our trip to Nepal and Tibet. These
are destinations unlike any other and his care and attention to detail made our
time in these countries unique and special.
This was my first trip with Saligram - it is most certainly not my last!!

  Andy scoot,

2023-09-15 00:50:25

Langtang. Apr 2014

Did this trek in April 2014. Saligram looked after me from day one until I
arrived at the airport for my return flight. Hotel and local travel arrangements
were perfect and the trek was excellent(my legs did not always agree- its an
age thing). This was my second experience with Saligram and you will not be
disappointed with the service provided.


2023-09-15 00:48:54

Best Trekking Company Experience Apr 2014

For the second time I have been most impressed with the service, knowledge
and expertise of Mountain World Treks. From meeting us at the airport to
planning every detail of our trip, everything was handled so that we were able
to have a most enjoyable trip. Saligram Aryal, the company owner and guide,
made everything easy and carefree. He was a most hospitable host and a
knowledgeable and trustworthy guide who treated us as friends rather than
clients. He took great pride in showing us his beautiful country. I hope to
return again and use his services and I would recommend him to anyone
looking for a dependable trekking company to show them the best of Nepal.

  Ckay Tan,

2023-09-14 09:00:04

Awesome EBC hike with Mountain World Treks & Expeditions

Excellence and experienced guidance Mr Saligram of Mountain World Treks &
Expeditions. Such a good and unforgettable memories for me in this trip!
Thank you once again for all the nice photoshoot and with the nice and pro
photo angle taken by Mr Saligram.
I'm slow walker but you and your team never left me behind!
Thank you and hope to back Nepal soon and join you to conquer another
mountain in Nepal!


2023-09-14 08:58:19


The chance to see the wonders in Nepal, meeting the Nepali's, learnt and
understand their culture was an absolute astonishing and wonderful trip. It
was filled with so much of laughters and memories with strong and great
people who willing to help and care for each other all through the journey.
Nevertheless, Special thank for the one and only, Mr. Saligram whom had
taken care of us and those majestic pictures he shared with us. Your
acquaintance would not be forgotten, but remain as a memory. Till we meet
again for our next exploration in Nepal.


2023-09-14 08:56:48

Amazing experience on EBC Trek- Great company

From the beginning the communication was outstanding. Saligram and Sandip
made us feel comfortable and taken care of. From being picked up at the
airport to making it to base camp and everything in between the service was
incredible. Sandip went above and beyond as our guide. He knows so much
about the area and the mountains and how to make a safe trek. He even
arranged a helicopter for us from Lukla when our flight couldn’t get out. When
we return, we will absolutely use mountain world treks again. Thank you
Sandip and Saligram!


2023-09-14 08:55:41

EBC in March-April 2019

A 5 star experience for me. The service level of Saligram and his guides was
outstanding. I felt comfortable and taken care of from arriving to
Kathmandu airport to leaving Nepal. Saligram has over 20 years of
experience organizing these trips and it shows. Everything was taken care of
from exchanging money to getting Diamox and water purification tablets to
taking beautiful pictures of the group without asking. Saligram and his
employees make sure that their customers have the best possible stay in
Nepal. Even problematic situations that are out of our hands such as
cancelled flights due to weather conditions are handled before the customers
have time to get stressed. I highly recommend Mountain World Treks and
Expedition to anyone considering Mount Everest base camp trek!

  Howzat Ian,

2023-09-14 08:54:29

EBC trek with a World Record thrown in for good measure

From the moment I contacted Mountain World Treks, Saligram has been a
pleasure to deal with, they have been responsive, informative, timely and
professional throughout. The trip itself didn't disappoint either, our whole
group completed the challenge, through the pain, tears and laughter we have
been spoilt with some of the most beautiful landscape in the World. All
challenges with logistics have been overcome and we have made lifelong
friends along the way! During our hike we also attempted a World record
challenge and MWT assisted us perfectly with logistics and careful planning to make this a reality. Thank you Sali, Neymar and Dik plus the wider team for
this life changing experience.

  Mark W,

2023-09-14 08:52:18

Amazing experience

Had an amazing experience on the EBC trek with Saligram and his assistants.
I would recommend Mountain World Treks to anyone that is thinking about
trekking the EBC or other routes.


2023-09-14 08:51:27

EBC trek - brilliant

The team looked after us very well, highly recommend. A professional team &
treks suitable for all levels - do it!

  Lusi L,

2023-09-14 08:50:19

EBC Trekking

Hiking to the base camp with friends was one the best thing in my life. I was
totally healed by the amazing snow mountain scenery, beautiful valley and
forest as well as the local mountain village. Sandip is an organised and
friendly guide, he was trying to encourage us during the entire journey. He is
the one who can be trust and relied on in the mountain area, which makes our
trekking much efficient and easier.

  Jad_from_ Ranau_Sabah,

2023-09-14 08:49:12


Excellent service from Day 1. Their mountain guides (Sudip & Tek) were
superb. They were always around when you needed them. Most importantly,
they will never leave you alone especially during trekking. Highly
recommended. Thank you Sali, Sudip, Tek and the porters.

  Raye Teo,

2023-09-14 08:48:00

An amazing EBC trek

My second consecutive year trekking with Mountain World Treks &
Expeditions and each experience is better than the last. Sali has a team of
professional and dedicated guides, who are truly more like our friends than
merely fulfilling their work obligations. Thank you for the unforgettable
memories - Suresh Regmee, Dinesh Aryal and not forgetting Sudip Aryal
(from our ABC trek last year)! It was yet another amazing trek we
accomplished with them this year and I promise this won’t be the last. There
really isn’t any need to look further if I’m planning any future trips to Nepal!
Looking forward to more exciting treks with Sali and his team!

  Abu Emran,

2023-09-14 08:46:48

EBC Trek with Saligram Team

It was our long time bucket list dream to do the EBC. We four of us did with
Saligram's Team. We are so lucky that we did choose this company. Our tour
guide Tez and two porter ( Bimal and Tika) all of them are friendly and helped
us all possible way. It is all adds up 11 days walk and 14 days trip and we
never felt we are left alone. From landed to Kathmandu till fly back our
international flight - they always escort us, support us, look after us. We were
so close to miss our Lukla flight and if we missed that we would miss our
international flight from Kathmandu but our tour guide Tez have arranged
internally and manage to get us on early flight from Lukla and we got on time
to Kathmandu. We had a really enjoyable time this whole trip. Thanks
Saligram and his all team.

  Kla Mason,

2023-09-14 08:45:26

Everest Base Camp Trek

This was the best trip of a lifetime. Saligram and his team were great tour
guides and made our experience one to remember. Especially the Sherpas
who carried our gear and large Speaker for the world record highest dj set our
team did, we couldn’t achieve that without these guys. Would highly
recommend using mountain world for your trek in Nepal :)


2023-09-14 08:44:16

Amazing trip, 100% recommend

Had the best trip to Everest Base Camp/Kalapatthar. Mountain World Treks
were brilliant from start to finish, especially Sali, our guide. Would definitely
recommend this company to anyone looking to do this trip and will definitely
use again on the other treks they offer.


2023-09-14 08:42:26


Sali and his team had been excellent in guiding us on our trip to EBC. Very
professional, experienced, helpful and accommodative where necessary to
ensure everything runs smoothly. Good job.

  Dan H,

2023-09-14 08:41:13

Everest base camp guided trek

This trip was once in a life time adventure. We were met at the airport with
huge smiles and friendly faces. We were driven across the chaotic
Kathmandu straight to our hotel and much needed beds after a long journey.
The guides made us very relaxed and were incredibly knowledgeable on all
things trekking and Nepal. They looked after every one of us and were always
watching us to see how each of us were coping with the altitude (a tricky job
as our group was 16 strong!)
We took internal flights to Lukla airport and from there began our 10 day trek.
We had been advised of all the things we needed to pack by the tour
company. Anything that we didn't have with us could easily be purchased on
the trekking route.
The trek itself was not too taxing however with the addition of altitude sickness
some days proved pretty tough. Again the guides were always on hand to give
advice and tend to us and made sure all of us were fit for the next days
travelling. We had a 100% success rate with 16/16 making it to base camp
and enjoying the stunning views on the way up.
I was very surprised at how well we were fed on the trek. I packed a vast
amount if snacks to supplement the meals but these were really not needed.
I'd like to thank Saligram and all the wonderful porters that
made this an adventure I will never forget. Too many highlights to mention but
Nepal is a wonderful country with great hospitality. Thanks Mountain World

  Saravanan Suria,

2023-09-14 08:38:17

Excellent Service by Mountain World Treks

I am a travel agent from Malaysia, and this is my 4th trek with Mountain World
Treks, and as always the guides, porters and every arrangement made by the
company has and gone beyond my high expectations.
My first trip with MWT was in 2017, and since then i have always chosen
MWT as my trekking company in Nepal. I just had 2 of my company trips this
year with them (EBC-Chola Pass & Mardi Himal Base Camp trek), and all my
clients/trekkers had fun-filled, pleasant, and most importantly safe and
comfortable trip.
Personally, what i like most about MWT is their number of years of
experience. Saligram Aryal, the founder and MD of Mountain World Treks,
has years of exposure to various roles within the mountain guiding industry
since his younger days. His knowledge on the preparations, conditioning,
honest guidance on day to day energy distribution needed for mountain
treks/climbs always came handy to all my teams. And i have seen all this plus
points translated very well to every guides/staff of his team.
Specifically for my April 2019 EBC - Chola Pass trip, MWT Guides Suresh and
Dinesh were fantastic, and had high level of professionalism and the trip was
very successful.
Thank you MWT! I will continue to engage MWT and Sali's team for all my
upcoming trips. Keep up your good work.

  Julia Azevedo,

2023-09-14 08:36:49

EBC Incredible Journey

Saligram and his team were absolutely amazing from start to finish. They
made us feel welcomed and looked after all the way through our amazing trip.
Very friendly and knowledgeable guides and made us laugh and enjoy the
trek even when it gets a little too hard. Thanks Saligram, Surez (Neymar) and
Tek (Dik). Highly recommended.


2023-09-14 08:35:47

Wonderful hike.. Great guide

Did my EBC with a couple of friends. Got to know Sali from another friend.
Super friendly and responsive. We were nervous as this was our first major
hike. Nonetheless he answered all our questions, big and small, and even
shared photos of his hikes to motivate us..
During the hike Sali and his team made sure that all of us were taken care of,
checked our condition all the time to see if we were ok. Thanks to them, all of
us made it to EBC! Will totally engage them again if we are to go. Next target
ABC, or maybe island peak!


2023-09-14 08:34:49

Nothing short of amazing! Everest view trek

We were blessed with an incredible guide, Sali, who has been trekking over
24 years with over 100 times to Everest Base Camp. Sali is the managing
director of Mountain World Trek & Expedition based in Kathmandu and has
personally guided us on this incredible journey. He is ever relentlessly pushing
us and lifting up our spirits when we are all dead exhausted on trek. He is
extremely knowledgeable and arranged everything from pick up, lodging, food,
perfect spots and timing for photography!
Everything was executed perfectly. He goes all out to get everything in order
for us. I can't ask for a better guide and company on this EBC experience. He
is dead funny, kind, humble and a very nice person.
I'll definitely go with Mountain World Trek again for my next adventure in


2023-09-14 08:32:27

Great Trip - EBC Trek Route

I heard of Saligram through a friend and decided to check his company out
since I was planning to try EBC. Sali has been incredibly positive and helpful
from the start to the end. I have sent him endless question about the trek and
he was always quick to response and very realistic about the trek. He will
explain carefully what to expect and what to do if something happens. He is a
very careful guide and genuinely cares for the success of the hike.
I am very happy that I chose to go with Mountain World Treks and Expedition.
Sali is just awesome.


2023-09-14 08:30:46

Most remarkable journey i have ever been done in my life..!❤️

I have climbed so many mountains in my country as well as India last year .In
2018 ,i have set my goal to climb famous EBC trek in 2019..! Then i started
searching on trip advisor for good tour and trekking organizing company for
make my dream reality.! Fortunately i found Mountain world trek organization
and his owner Sali..! Sali and his organization always there for me and my
dream..! He never break my promises and he always keep in touch with me
almost six months with all necessary information until i reached to Kathmandu
in last may 2019..! When i reached to Kathmandu, Sali was in Everest region
with a trekking group..! But when i drop a msg he never ever missed it and
always replied with proper


2023-09-14 08:28:14

Lifetime experience EBC Trek

This is my second trip with mountain world treks and their service are always
7 stars . From airport pick up to drop off, Accommodations, food, guide, porter
all super awesome. Doing another trip with them soon again. See you in
Nepal again.


2023-09-14 08:27:03

Everest base camp with Mountain World

This is my 2nd trip with mountain world. Its awesome trip with great organizer.
Surely will come back again next time.

  Faridul Hakim Fazoli,

2023-09-14 08:26:08

The best trekking experience guided by the best team!

Done Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) on 2017 and recently Everest Base
Camp (EBC) on Sept 2019 with this team. The worry less trekking experience
you can have with this team!!!


2023-09-14 08:25:04

Everest Base Camp Trek

The best, friendly and experience guider. Helpful and always easy to deal.
Really recommended for any Nepal trip����


2023-09-14 08:24:06

An Epic Journey!

Massive thanks to Mr. Sali and his team for taking care 29 of us while trekking
Everest Base Camp.
Very professional, very helpful and experienced in attending our needs. They
were always around you whenever you needed them and will never leave you
alone while trekking.
Mountain World Treks - highly recommended!
Hope to see you again in near future ��.

  Kelly Cheah,

2023-09-14 08:23:13

Unforgettable trekking experience

I did the trek to Everest Base camp in Sept 2019 with a group of 29 ppl. It
was hard for me due to altitude and I have upset stomach and vomiting since
day 2 of hike but I still able to walk at a slower pace to reach Everest Base
Camp. Everything was very well organized from day one and provided the
group with support as well as attending to our needs during the trek. Sali is a
reliable, responsible, well organized and caring person that you can fully trust.
Thank you Sali & his team for making our trip so memorable!


2023-09-14 08:21:32


The EBC trip was a great experience and the views along the way to EBC is
amazing. The friendship between the team members and guides will never
been forgotten. For sure, if time allowed, i will come again.


2023-09-14 08:19:20

Everest Base Camp

Being in a group of 30 people, I had a great time thanks to Sali and his team on
this hike. It was a well planned trip with the just the necessary stops for
acclimatisation and this allowed us to enjoyed the scenery. Some other
groups we seen/met was rushing up with minimal stop.
He is sensitive to our needs and at times adjust the meals to our 'mood' as we
hike up.
Overall, great hike, good team support and an added plus for Sali for being
able to converse in Bahasa.
Thanks Sali and his team!!!


2023-09-14 08:16:53

Memorable Everest Base Camp trekking!

What could i say! Go with Mountain Word Treks and you will never regret it.
Top notch service from Saligram and team.
This is my second trip with the company however for Everest base camp trek,
I did solo. They have customised the itineraries according to my ability and
needs. As a woman, I feel safe during the long trekking days with my guide,.
He is a wonderful companion on the trek who really take good care of me;

from picking at the airport, making sure i am ok on the trek till end of the trip. I
am glad to reach the base camp with good nudge from Suresh Ji.
Not forgetting the pep talk from Sali that I could do it which I did.
I love the interaction with locals either on trek or at the tea house and other
foreigners as well. Practising my limited Nepali vhasa. On the other hand,
some Nepali who used to work in Malaysia would practise with their Malay
with me :)
Nepali friendliness and hospitality will beckon you back to Nepal.
Hopefully I will return to do another trip with Mountain Word Treks.
Pheri betoula :)


2023-09-14 08:15:23

Amazing experience in EBC with Mountain World Treks

Recently, we did the Everest Base Camp Trek with Mountain World Treks
Team. Even though our group were very large (29 packs), it was an amazing
experience for all of us. The overall performance of the Mountain World Treks
Team was top-notch. Our guide Mr Sali was a good friend throughout the
journey. We didn’t have to worry about anything as everything was planned
and executed by him and his staff quite immaculately. The journey was filled
with Sali’s insight on the terrain, always smiling, cheerful and helpful. He also
made sure that all of the services regarding the teahouses in the mountain
were taken care of in terms of meals and the rooms. Moreover, his team of
porters Tejal, Ramesh, Naren and Comel made the whole trek fun and happy.
They were so helpful and never once complained even though they had to
handle a large crowd, carrying the heavy bags. Moreover, they made sure the
team members drank enough water, followed the instruction for avoiding AMS
at the higher altitude. I will give all the credit for this great trip to the Mountain

World Treks Team and highly recommend them to anyone as you will get
exactly what you pay for, if not more!

  Yusof M,

2023-09-14 08:13:04

Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar

Mountain World Treks had given a very excellent service to us for the whole
duration of our trip to Everest Base Camp and the peak of Kala Pathar. We
experienced a special treatment from the day of arrival in Kathmandu, along
the trekking days and until the day of our departure.
During trekking days, their guides led by Mr Saligram Aryal had been very
professional, helpful, patience and knowledgeable.
I strongly recommend this company for any of your future engagement in

  Fatimah Juliana Z,

2023-09-14 08:07:04

Hiking to Everest Base Camp with Mountain World Trek &Expedition ltd

The best experience ever! Sali & his team are the best organizer one could
ever have. I totally feel safe and well taken care of when being with Sali. He is
well experienced and u can rest assured on him and his team. Just relax n
enjoy your trip! This is my 2nd trip with Sali... And definitely not the last. Won't
go with any others! Thank you so much Mountain World Treks... U guys are
simply the best!! Lots of love from me ����

  zarina a,

2023-09-14 08:04:41

Everest Best Camp with Mountain World Trek and Expedition

The Everest Base Camp trip with Mountain World Trek was perfect. The
selection of the guest house was comfortable; the guide Mr Sali is an expert in
his field; the pacing was just right to accommodate all those on the trip; the
scenery was ideal. He is very knowledgeable and have great experience in
mountain trekking. He and his team take care of everything. They're swift to
answer any questions and make sure that you are as safe as possible every
step of the way. Value for money, great service and professional. Highly

  Alan O (Snowballade),

2023-09-14 08:03:12

A simple dream to the roof of the world.

My main priorities when hiking or rather trekking would be safety. And Sali @
Mountainworldtrek is just what I am looking for when choosing a suitable
organiser for this EBC trip. I felt safe to the point that I started to worry
unnecessary about their strict daily health screening just in case they will not
approve my further ascent. But, safety do comes first for them. Trek with
peace of mind with Sali.


2023-09-14 08:01:30

EBC-The journey I'll never forget

I never thought I'd be here. Thank you Sali & his team! They were so
professional and reassuring team. They gave me encouragement and support
when I felt powerless, their carefulness made me confident to go every step
until I reached EBC. Thank you so much! The scenery of EBC is unspeakable
and unforgettable. Will join Sali's group again... soon... See ya!^^v


2023-09-14 07:59:08

First time visit to Nepal to do EBC

I did EBC trek with Mountain World in Sept 2019.
It was my first visit to Nepal and I traveled solo.
Saligram from Mountain World was very helpful; I first contacted him back in
June 2019 with a lot of questions – since I knew very little about doing
trekking in Nepal – and he responded promptly every time.
I arrived at Kathmandu on Sep 5th, and flew to Lukla the next day, where I
met my guide – Tek – at the airport.
Since it was in the beginning season, the trek was quiet and peaceful which I
really enjoyed from day 1.
The accommodations and foods were far better than I expected.
I did not get the good view at both EBC and Kalapathar due to thick cloud that
blocked the otherwise beautiful views of surrounding peaks (risk taken for
doing trekking in early Sept).
Overall, it was a very enjoyable and memorable trip, thanks to Mountain
World, Saligram and Tek who had made all the arrangements for a smooth


2023-09-14 07:55:45


Sali and his team have become our good friends throughout our journey. They
manage to calmly take care of us regardless our various complaints, Sali
always maintained his sense of humor. The calibre shows especially when in
crisis. I really admire the people who made this trip possible. It was a great trip
and the whole group was an amazing group of people.

  Mohd Yusof H,

2023-09-14 07:53:58

Trekking with good memories with Mountain World treks and expedition

I have a wonderful time’s trekking to EBC with a guide who is very
accommodating and friendly to his trekkers. Professional In characters and
also good Photographer to our groups.
Have a 100% successful to summit to EBC and really enjoy the whole


2023-09-14 07:52:26

A lifetime experience

What a great experience travelling with Mountain World Trek with friendly
guides Ishwor Duwadi and Tek lamichhane and all the porters. They helped
us along the trek and make the trekking a lot easier. I am very happy trekking
with Mountain World Trek. We are dancing in the mountains! Literally

  Nabilah N,

2023-09-14 07:51:16


Recently went on an EBC Trip dec 2019. Definitely recommended travel
agent. All the guides and porters are warm friendly and helpful. Even though
we struggled during the trek, we had so much fun ! The guides are very
friendly and willing to help us if anything. Accomodation was great ! After all,
we really had a great experience and looking forward to come back in the
future ! Thank you so much for entertaining me and my team. Lots of love
from Malaysia !

  Kimberly Friedrichs,

2023-09-14 07:50:00


Let’s go, let’s go!! At 62 yrs old armed with my very 1st passport & airline
tickets for my 1st trip out of the country I was on my way to Nepal to trek to
Everest Base Camp. I had no fear or reservation about this trip as I was in
constant communication with Sali of Mountain World Treks. This company

made sure my trip of a lifetime was just that from the moment I stepped off the
plane in Kathmandu!! They motivated &encouraged me every step of the trek!
We stayed in beautiful tea houses all along the route, safety was the top
priority & all the amazing guides shared their knowledge &love of the culture
& beautiful landscape. I had been planning this trip for a year &Sali (owner)
responded quickly & patiently to my endless questions during that year. It was
a difficult trip for me ( 100% due to me underestimating the mighty Himalayas)
but Mountain World Treks made sure it was the most beautiful journey I have
ever taken. A special thank you to the guide Tek Lamichhane. I was the
slowest in the group and he never gave up on me OR let me give up on
myself. His words “Let’s go, let’s go” kept me going when I didn’t think I had
anything left. This company is beyond compare! If you want your journey to be
more than you could have dreamed, Mountain World Trek is without a doubt
the company that will make it happen for you!

  Mico M,

2023-09-14 07:47:31

Excellent Choice for a Trekking Company!

There are so many trekking companies to choose from in Kathmandu that it
can be overwhelming. I’m writing this review to report that my wife and I were
EXTREMELY glad to have hired Mountain World Treks to take us to Everest
Base Camp in April 2021. Sali, our guide, and Tek, our porter, were absolutely
wonderful to trek with from the very beginning to the end.
Starting in Kathmandu, Sali was very kind and helped us find the gear we
needed, even giving us tips on what prices we should expect. After landing in
Lukla and hitting the trail, we quickly discovered why Sali had 26 years of
successful guiding experience. He was deeply knowledgeable of the area, the
people and of Nepali culture; we felt like we learned so much in the days
trekking with him just chatting about what we saw and asking whatever
questions came to mind.
Even more impressive was his intimate knowledge of the Everest Base Camp

trail. Because of Sali’s informative daily briefings, my wife and I felt like we
always knew what to expect and were able to walk at a good, comfortable
pace. We never felt rushed – despite our sometimes slow walking – and were
always on schedule whenever we left or arrived at the teahouses. Overall, the
actual trekking experience was so smooth and we believe this is because Sali
knew the trail so well that all of our scheduled stops, lunches, tea breaks and
pace were always timed perfectly with the section of trail that we were on that
day. This is in contrast to the other groups we met at the teahouses who
always seemed late or were walking during the dark. Compared to those other
groups, our experience with Sali and Mountain World Treks was much more
punctual, relaxed and we even had lots of time for taking photos. In the
evening and throughout the day, Sali always gave us a detailed briefing of
what to expect so we always knew how to prepare ourselves (snacks, clothing
layers, altitude, etc.) for the upcoming trek. He was very mindful of our
physical conditions and always checked with us to see how we were adjusting
to the altitude, the temperature, the long days, etc. We felt very supported in
every way.
Our porter Tek also deserves a lot of credit. He was always very timely with
our luggage and always brought it straight to our rooms so that our things
were ready when we arrived at the teahouses. We called him the Mountain
Man because he was somehow always faster than us despite carrying much
more! To top it off Tek was very kind, eager to play card games, and very
mindful of our needs. Before we realized we needed water, tea or coffee, Tek
was already asking us for drink orders or was bringing a menu over to us.
We would highly recommend Mountain World Treks to anyone looking for an
enjoyable, worry-free trekking experience in Nepal. Both Sali and Tek were
extremely service oriented, deeply knowledgeable and very friendly/easy
going. A great bonus was that they were both excellent photographers!
Thanks Sali, Tek and Mountain World Treks for the great experience! We
hope to see you again!


2023-09-14 07:44:57


So worth the training and the challenge. Remember to look around and
experience the views and the magic of being in the Himalayas. I went with
exodus and we had a fabulous group of guides that really looked after us
incredibly well! Thank you to the team.

  Gerda M,

2023-09-14 07:40:27

Best trekking company in the Himalaya’s.

I am a 71 year old man from Holland and I have made two solo treks with
Mountain World Treks.
Two years ago to Annapurna Base Camp and this past November to Everest
Base Camp.
If I could give Saligram's company 10 stars I would do it without hesitation.
It is not always easy for a man my age who started his trekking hobby only 3
years ago to do these treks.
But what a wonderful experience and live changing events they have been! In
both cases the guides and porters were first class.
Important is the attention for detail. Everything was organized in minuscule
detail. When the flights from Kathmandu to Lukla were booked Mountain World
Treks organized a helicopter. I also opted for a helicopter ride back to Lukla
from Gorakshep.
When I felt low my guide (Suresh) gave me much needed encouragement and
we completed the trek. They never pushed me beyond my limits. The costs
were very reasonable and competitive.
It becomes clear that Saligram is very compassionate about his business. This
is a competitive business in Nepal with some 1400 companies offering treks.
Mountain World Treks ranks amongst the top 20 and I would not be surprised
if they will rank amongst the top 5 in the coming years.
A nice aside to mention here is that Saligram sponsors an education program
for the children in his home village of Nalang.
A good education is crucial for them to improve their chances for the
future. There is a lack of teachers (cost of a teacher is US $200 per month)
and he also helps with bringing education to the schools via Internet).

So while you are trekking you indirectly help some children improving their
lives. How cool is that!
So look no further. Go with Mountain World Treks and you will not be
disappointed.(and go jam, jam, bistari. A favourite saying in Nepal to encourage
trekkers to go slowly, very important for all trekkers but especially when you
are almost 72 years of age. Enjoy!

  Lin Aziz -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 07:38:10

Annapurna Base Camp 10 days (Mid of December 2016)

We (4 person) did the ABC trek and Poonhill at the mid of December which is
not peak season and winter season (please make sure bring a proper attire
and all winter needs.It super cool! You also can rent down jacket and sleeping
bag at Kathmandhu or Pokhara. The guide will be arrange for you and please
inform to them in advance).
We done 10 days trek to ABC and our trek start from Nayapul and end of trek
at Jhinu (walk 3-4 hours then take a jeep to Pokhara (your hotel)). The
scenery was amazing and fantastic! You won't regret and worth it!
We had arrange the trip through Mountain World Treks and would highly
recommend use this company for your trekking needs as they are very
experience, helpful, friendly and it will made you amazing experience!. Our
Guide Saligram and Sudip and they were professional and easy to get along
with. The porters Raju and Sive also very nice and helpful. We have great
service and we will definitely return back to explore more places in Nepal with

  Fred Horey,

2023-09-14 07:36:29

Great experience lots of memories

Who wants to see the piece of heaven right here in our own planet? If you are
that person just plan and go to Nepal and try Everest base camp trek, and my
experience shows mountain world under Sali's management is the best
company you can have on this trip.
Everything was organized and you don't have to worry about anything just be
there and enjoy every second while you are there and you will love it.
Thanks again Sali and his crew for such a wonderful memories.

  Yana A,

2023-09-14 07:36:07

ABC via Poon Hill

We had a great time and fun experience with the help of experienced and
professional guide Saligram and Sudip plus porters Siva and Raju.
I am pleased to be travelling with Mountain World Treks & Expedition. The
trek was very well planned and we truly enjoyed the journey. We will definitely
be back for more adventure in EBC!

  Shirloo Lancaster, England, United Kingdom,

2023-09-14 07:34:44

Trek to Annapurna Base Camp @ December

Most amazing trip that I've ever been on. A very well organised trek by Sali
and his team who made sure that our group was well taken care of. After
sustaining a knee injury while trekking, Sali and his team made sure that I
made it to ABC, with little bits of motivation, first aid, and jokes to lighten the

mood. Awesome view and good company, thanks for taking care of me while
trekking! Looking forward to the next time again.


2023-09-14 07:34:19

Incredible EBC Trek

I completed the EBC trek with Sali as our personal guide and Teck as our
porter. I did this with a mate from Australia and we both had a fantastic time!
Both of us rate it as one of our best ever travel experiences. Sali is an
awesome guy with perfect English that catered to our every need, often
anticipating what we might need.

  Hugh M,

2023-09-14 07:32:40

Amazing Trek with Fantastic Guide

A friend and I just completed the EBC trek with Sali as our personal guide.
Could not fault the entire experience. Sali is just an all-round great guy that
catered to our every need. Nothing was a problem for him. We noticed early
on he went the extra mile to ensure we were safe, for example booking the
first flight to Lukla before there was a risk of weather deteriorating. His
knowledge of the trail and mountains/sights on it is first rate and he also took
hundreds of photos for us so we have lasting memories. Our porter Tek was
also a great guy. Very happy we went with Mountain World Treks!

He always went the extra mile to ensure we were safe, for example, carrying
some pills just in case we experiences altitude sickness (which I did) and
booking the best flights to/from Lukla. He has in-depth knowledge of local
culture, traditions, mountains and attractions in Nepal - we ended up booking
a side trip Chitwan with him which was first class.
Worth booking the trip just for his photography and video making skills,
memories we will have forever. Very happy we went with Mountain World
Treks and it is highly highly recommended,

  Encik M,

2023-09-14 07:32:08

Annapurna BC via Poon Hill

My trekking experienced in Nepal was amazing. I personally can say this is
the most epic solo trekking experienced I ever done. With spectacular
panorama mountain range view & well organized mountain guide tours by Mr Saligram & his teams. Trip was running smooth as planned. I really enjoyed
myself with sherpa's Ishwor Duwadi. He is very helpful to capture a lots of
beautiful pictures. We laughed and had unforgettable pleasant journey to ABC.
I'm looking forward to visit Nepal in years to come. Once again thank you
Mountain World

  Wylie P,

2023-09-14 07:30:22

ABC in December

The trek to Annapurna Base Camp was quite a joy! Our group of 12 was very
well taken care of by Saligram and his crew from Mountain World Treks. As
expected, for a group that size, there was a range of abilities and needs.
Clearly he's seen that before and was able to calmly and cheerfully shepherd
us up the mountain. Our trip was from Nov 28th to Dec 12th and included 10
days of trekking. The weather was just right - not too hot or too cold - with
quite manageable nighttime lows. Clear views afforded beautiful photographic
opportunities. Be prepared for many portions of the trail to be rocky, and
steep. Good shoes, good conditioning, and good hiking poles are highly

  Tomasz S,

2023-09-14 07:29:48

Base camp trek

Me and 2 friends booked with sali
After searching many companies we chose sali as he was by far most helpful,
communication was outstanding, nothing was to much trouble, very
reasonably priced
Planing our next trip with him already

  Dr G C G -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 07:29:10

Our ABC adventure

Travelled to ABC from 28th November to 12th December 2016.
Superb trip and excellent organizing by Saligram Aryal the owner and his
team of guides and porters.
Enjoyed every moment.
Very reliable and very accommodating to your


2023-09-14 07:27:59

Trek to ABC

1st time trekking. 1st time to Nepal. Could not have asked for a better trip.
Both my guide and porter went above and beyond the call of duty when I got
sick and were extremely helpful. We modified the itinerary a bit and still made
it to ABC. They answered all my questions. Never once felt like I was on my
own. Whole heartedly recommend. Maybe Mustang next year.

  Vignes C Seremban, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 07:27:02

Excellent Service, Memorable Experience

Brilliant service by Saligram and Prakash who took care of us very well from
day 1 when we arrived in Kathmandu all the way until the day that we left.
Brilliant work by the guys to ensure that we were comfortable, well-equipped
and well-fed all the way up ABC and back. Recommend Saligram and his
team for any trips within the Annapurna and Everest regions.

  David J,

2023-09-14 07:25:34

Trekking Experience

Before I decided to do the trekking to the EBC, I did not have much
However after scanning various YouTube videos I came across Sali and his
guide services who promptly responded to all my queries and built up my
confidence in making my imaginations a reality.
His people and services are outstanding.
I would not hesitate to do another trek with him or to refer his services to
anyone wanting a guide.
Peace of mind is what you get by using Saligram Aryal

  Devendra K,

2023-09-14 07:25:06

Devendra K
Annapurna Base Camp - Sept 16
Sep 2016 • Friends
We were supposed to do EBC but bad weather prevented any flights to Lukla.
Thanks to Saligram Aryal to make the best out of it and organised a well
planned ABC trek via Poon Hill.
We had great 9 day hike in the Annapurna region. ABC is marvellous, a bit
hard but when you get there you forget everything. The whole experience
from beginning to end was amazing and highly recommend both Mountain
World Treks and Expedition as a company and Prakash as a guide. Along
with the breath taking views and occasionally challenging terrain with the
comfort of having a knowledge guide to make life easy. Our guide Prakash
was a lot of fun. Amazing trip!!

  Daniel W,

2023-09-14 07:24:03

3 men and a mountain (maggies)

In safe hands with Sali Trekking
Everest Base camp Nov 2021
Once arriving in Nepal it was clear we had chosen the right man . Was so
helpful organising our trip , nothing was too much effort for him ��
Saligram was there for us from the time we arrived to the last minute, he put
us all at easy very quickly taking good care of us all whilst in Nepal . Can see
how Sali has been in the business for 25 years . His porters were very friendly
and professional at all times , going out of their way to help ����.
What an experience we all had , memories we will treasure forever. Mind
blowing .
Anyone thinking of a once in a lifetime experience , Sali trekking is a must ��.
Thanks again Saligram Aryal

  zam dc -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 07:20:37

Feeling happy with great family

Enjoy trekking and be a part of ABC trek family with Mountain World Treks,
team and partners from Malaysia & Singapore in October 2016. The greatest
thanks to Saligram Aryal and his team for all effort, courage and support
during this adventurous trip. Also thanks for Feel like a big family gathering
together to explore spectacular and tranquil landscapes of ABC trek.
Strongly recommend Mountain World Treks if you are planning for your next
trekking trip to Nepal, truly a very experienced

  zam dc -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 07:20:13

Feeling happy with great family

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Feeling happy with great family

Enjoy trekking and be a part of ABC trek family with Mountain World Treks,
team and partners from Malaysia & Singapore in October 2016. The greatest
thanks to Saligram Aryal and his team for all effort, courage and support
during this adventurous trip. Also thanks for Feel like a big family gathering
together to explore spectacular and tranquil landscapes of ABC trek.
Strongly recommend Mountain World Treks if you are planning for your next
trekking trip to Nepal, truly a very experienced

  Mohd Yusof H,

2023-09-14 07:17:29

Amazing ABC Trek

We recently completed an adventurous and discovered the magical of
Annapurna in Oct 2016. Equipped with experienced and professsional guide,
Saligam Aryal and his porters, we truly enjoyed the journey. Food and lodging
of the guest house was good. Looking forward for more adventure in future.
Thumbs up for Mountain World Treks.

  Gem Chew -Sydney, Australia,

2023-09-14 07:16:38

Amazing trip!

We were slightly disappointed when we couldn't go to Everest Base Camp
due to the weather, nevertheless, we made the best out of it and chose to go
to Annapurna Base Camp. (Please don't go during July-August if you're
planning to go to EBC)
Our guide Prakash, was no disappointment at all. For 10 days, he followed us,
helping my mother carry her walking poles, showing the path, etc. It wasn't
easy for him as well because the speed of each individual in my family ranged
from fast to slow. He had to follow the slow paced ones, and sometimes catchup with the faster ones.
Mountain World Treks offers a good service for the price given.

  Fadilah Khamis -Singapore, Singapore,

2023-09-14 07:14:45


15 of us, in a group just recently returned from an amazing and unforgettable
Annapurna Base Camp trek. Every step of this trip we were extremely well
taken care of. We were provided with a highly experienced, and very good
English and Malay speaking mountain guide, Saligam Aryal and the porter's
teams. Thanks to his huge experienced. The food choices along the trail were
better than I expected. The lodging was great, and we were always
comfortable. We will definitely be back for more adventure in EBC trek.

  Fadilah Khamis -Singapore, Singapore,

2023-09-14 07:14:27


Fadilah Khamis
Singapore, Singapore
Oct 2016 • Friends

15 of us, in a group just recently returned from an amazing and unforgettable
Annapurna Base Camp trek. Every step of this trip we were extremely well
taken care of. We were provided with a highly experienced, and very good
English and Malay speaking mountain guide, Saligam Aryal and the porter's
teams. Thanks to his huge experienced. The food choices along the trail were
better than I expected. The lodging was great, and we were always
comfortable. We will definitely be back for more adventure in EBC trek.

  Rayne C -George Town, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 07:13:10

Trek to ABC

We had a fantastic time with Sali and our personal guide Prakash. The
package didn't tell us that a comedian, Prakash, was included in the package.
He was great fun!
The choice of accommodation by Mountain World Treks was superb. We
always had a clean comfortable bed and a hot meal for us after a days worth
of trekking.

  Kai L,

2023-09-14 07:11:51

Very fun

This trek group is different from other trekking groups, the guides and very fun
to be with and the team will really help you if you have trouble. Had loads of
fun and definitely recommend!

  francis c,

2023-09-14 07:10:07


francis c

NOW @KLIA airport to Nepal for my 2nd trips with Mountain World... again! :)
The 1st trip to ABC with them was so so fun. So this time, i am bring my two
boys along.
They will experience not only the mountains but the warm hospitality from our
Nepalese host.

Look forward to see you in another few hours, Sali. I know you are going
ready the welcoming flowers!
Bromance ? LOL!!

  botak c,

2023-09-14 07:08:54

The best moment ever

Pretty mountain guide, good people, nice scenery, best ever driver bus as
equal as F1 racer. Soo awesome and cool. 2 thumb up.
If you leave something at anapurna, its normal. But if you leave your heart,
you cannot pump your toilet properly. (Dont i miss your passport on your
Thank you alot to Mountain World Trekker. 1love Kamparado.

  Hazwani Halim -Shah Alam, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 07:07:30

wonderful trip, amazing team, charming guide

Me and my team visited Annapurna in monsoon season. At first, I was worried
about the weather, but then I’m not regretting it. Personally, I really enjoyed
the trip during the monsoon period. Definitely, less crowds and along the trek,
you can find many of the flora species. Especially from MBC to ABC. The view
from up there was amazing. Once we reached the top, the view was really
breath taking. The charming sunrise made me silent for a few moments on the spot. I was blown away by the stunning scenery.
Our team chose Mountain World Treks as our tour guide. Our guide, Saligram
Aryal speaks Bahasa Melayu and English fluently. It was easy communicate
with him. Saligram and his team were informative, friendly, and humorous.
Always made we laughed. They are very charming, guys. Highly
recommended. *thumbs up* Saligram had taken a good care of our team. He
was very attentive of our safety. Always look after of our sick teammates.
Never left us hungry and always asked “Nak makan apa ah?” The sentence
we missed so much. Big love to Saligram, Bipalka, Suresh and Minur.
Overall, it was great, delightful and amusing experience. I was impressed with
their sincerity to make our tour a pleasant one. Thank you for the pleasant
Kudos to Saligram Aryal and team! Hope to see you again.

  Hazwani Halim -Shah Alam, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 07:06:58

wonderful trip, amazing team, charming guide

Shah Alam, Malaysia
wonderful trip, amazing team, charming guide
Aug 2016 • Friends
Me and my team visited Annapurna in monsoon season. At first, I was worried
about the weather, but then I’m not regretting it. Personally, I really enjoyed
the trip during the monsoon period. Definitely, less crowds and along the trek,
you can find many of the flora species. Especially from MBC to ABC. The view
from up there was amazing. Once we reached the top, the view was really
breath taking. The charming sunrise made me silent for a few moments on the
spot. I was blown away by the stunning scenery.
Our team chose Mountain World Treks as our tour guide. Our guide, Saligram
Aryal speaks Bahasa Melayu and English fluently. It was easy communicate
with him. Saligram and his team were informative, friendly, and humorous.
Always made we laughed. They are very charming, guys. Highly
recommended. *thumbs up* Saligram had taken a good care of our team. He

was very attentive of our safety. Always look after of our sick teammates.
Never left us hungry and always asked “Nak makan apa ah?” The sentence
we missed so much. Big love to Saligram, Bipalka, Suresh and Minur.
Overall, it was great, delightful and amusing experience. I was impressed with
their sincerity to make our tour a pleasant one. Thank you for the pleasant
Kudos to Saligram Aryal and team! Hope to see you again.


2023-09-14 04:59:37

Annapurna Base Camp.

We planned for EBC but God has other arrangement for us. Instead of EBC,
we spent 9days trekking to ABC starting from Nayapul village. It turned out to
best the journey of my life.
Sali and his team make sure that we are treated nothing less than a vip
service. The iti was perfect, meeting everyone capability to walk 8 to 9 hours
The meals and accomodation was nothing less than satisfying. Everyone in
the team helped each other and no one was left behind.
If you planning a hiking trip to Nepal, you can't go wrong with Sali and his
5 stars service!

  sabki md noh Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:57:44

An amazing experience

Traveling to Anapurna Base Camp is an experience I can never forget in my
life. I can see the mountainous scenery, where waterfall and river stream that
flows from it. With cold temperatures and foggy, the mood was very fresh and
Although the journey is challenging, but with the encouragement and the best
guide services, i felt safe and reaches to destination. Thank you Mountain
World Treks @ Saligram Aryal

  amalin arashid,

2023-09-14 04:56:22

Fantastic Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

It’s a very quick and impetuous decision I made to join my team. With full
encouragement from my dad, I ignore the entire murmur surround me
mimicking it is a wasting of time & energy. We decided to join the Mountain World Treks as a captain of this wondrous journey. Absolutely, it is the best choice we have ever made. Along with good accommodation, every here then, we were served with a cup of tea as the weather was too perfect to
enjoy that moment. Regardless of our culture & religion, we do exchange
some ideas, stories & jokes with Saligram Aryal, the commander of this
mountaineering and his team members. Highly recommended buddies to trek
with, nothing will make you feel remorse with the best services they can offer
you with very reasonable price. The view while trekking in Himalayas is
nothing but spectacular. Word can’t even describe the beauty while the wind
always makes itself known when I reach the ridge by blasting me in the face. I
believe I am not the last to walk this trail, climb this mountain and witness
these views. While I am thankful for the work of those who have gone before, I
also sense an important obligation to those who will come after to leave the
trek and the mountain in good condition as I found it. Thank you guys for all
the supports and memories we cherish together.

  Tracy T,

2023-09-14 04:54:43

It was great

Big thanks from a girl solo trek.
My guide was very helpful, friendly and very well experience during my
Thanks so much Saligram Aryal and my guides Sudip Aryal
You made my trek become so nice.
For sure one thing i will be back.

  Yuhanis ahsad,

2023-09-14 04:53:49

Incredible Journey to Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

I seek not only an adventure but a inspirational experience. Immersing oneself
in another culture is life changing. I believe u see the world differently
afterwards. Amazing trek that we took in the Nepalese Himalaya. Trekking in
the beautiful Himalayas and interacting with the people of Nepal, seeing their
resilience and hope for a better life is an unforgettable experience.
We trek to Annapurna Base Camp, a spectacular journey on foot to the South
Face of Annapurna with this amazing guide Saligram Aryal and his team
(Mountain World Treks and Expedition ltd.). If u are thinking of tackling the
base camp, I would highly recommend this agency for ur next trip. The
experience, albeit grueling in parts, feel safe for us and we came out the
other side having had the time of our lives.
I will remember all of this journey. Thank u to u guys. Wake up and it's cold, u
get some warm clothes and sit on the edge of a cliff with a cup of black tea
warming ur hands up. The wind gently moves the clouds that covered the
mountains. Gradually, great snowy peaks begin to emerge, the sun rises, the
mist descends and the show overwhelms u. Now u are in a magical place, take
a deep breath and watch, enjoy ur black tea and feel the peace surrounding
the place that u will never forget.

  Michelle -Cape Town Central, South Africa,

2023-09-14 04:51:53


Cape Town Central, South Africa

Renowned for its natural and abundant beauty, my second time in Nepal with
Mountain World Treks did not disappoint.
Saligram Aryal (owner), having much experience in the trekking industry,
seems to know every loose stone and every place you might bump your head.
His planning is flawless, his replies to correspondence are immediate and he
will take you to good shops to buy equipment/clothing should a shopping
spree be required for things overlooked/lost.
Saligram creates a most welcoming atmosphere. He has a great sense of
humour and he works with fantastic people. He invites you to his home to
meet his family and to enjoy a truly delicious local meal prepared by his lovely
wife. These are the little things that make the experience so much more

Mountain World Treks provides a wonderful and breathtaking experience from
beginning to end…and for the second time I have left Nepal knowing I would
come back!
Thank you Sali and all at Mountain World Treks!!

  are gym,

2023-09-14 04:50:09


A great time with Mountain World trek staffs Mr Bharat & Suresh. A
memorable experience to trek to ABC with experience staff of MWT.
Breathtaking view all the way from nayapul to Poon Hill up to ABC. Never
regret to leave my comfy bed at home for this trip. MWT make sure my stay at
kathmandu, pokhara and at the mountain well arranged. stunning view of
fishtail, Machepuchre and Annapurna will drag me to come back to himalaya
Plan to do my EBC next year for sure with MWT

  weekend trekkers -Singapore, Singapore,

2023-09-14 04:49:05

Trek For Hope SG was here!

Trek For Hope led a team of 20 participants from Singapore in April. We
started off with 2 days of community work at Nalang Village before proceeding
to Poon Hill / ABC with Mountain World Treks. Saligram and his team did a
great job in facilitating the logistics and transport. The porters and guides were
knowledgeable, friendly and included us in their dance, songs and native
activities. We all had a great time. Thanks!

  Andy G,

2023-09-14 04:48:01

Superb ABC and EBC trip

I had a great time with Mountain World Trek lead by Mr. Saligram. The
experience of me with the team guide by Mountain World Trek give me a
memorable moment in Himalaya region along with the stories shared by the
team. Because of their professional in handling emergency situation during
the earthquake in Nepal on 25 Apr 2015, I was much alive and went back
home safe. For Mountain World Trek, safety is their first priority and take fully
care of their trekkers until they reach the Kathmandu safe and sound.
Therefore, I highly recommend Mountain World Trek to be your trek guide as I
had been with them for two major expeditions which are ABC and EBC trip!
Lots of awesome photos taken throughout the trip and I had ample of time
capturing great moment along the way till I reached the base camp!

  Jane Bladwin Wilson, United States,

2023-09-14 04:46:07

Owner/Guide Saligram Aryal Customizes Every Trek

I spent 10 days in May 2016 trekking, with 3 other middle-aged or senior
women, to the Annapurna Basecamp via Poon Hill. Owner & Guide Saligram
Aryal is exceptionally observant & sensitive to his clients needs and strengths;
for example when he realized that we were a slightly stronger than the
average group, he cancelled reservations at a lower elevation tea house, in
favor of our staying at one at the Machhapuchchhre Basecamp, leaving us an

easier hike up to our high point at the Annapurna Basecamp. And the trek was
made even more delightful, having Saligram's strong and beautiful 16 year old
daughter along on her first trek, as well. Thank you so much, Sali, for putting
together such a perfect trek!

  Muhammad A,

2023-09-14 04:44:15

An unforgettable experience in Himalayas

I had an experience of Annapurna Base Camp trek via Poon Hill in May 2016
with my guide, Mr Ishwor Duwadi. Everything was just great, from the day I
arrived at Kathmandu airport until I got back to my hometown. My guide was
very helpful, friendly and very informative about the facts during our trekking.
A big thanks to the owner, Mr Saligram Aryal (Sali) for assisted me with the
planning and for everything! I will definitely contact Sali for the next trip in
Nepal and I highly recommended travelling with Mountain World Treks and
Ps: He's good with Malay Language too.

  Rachel L -Singapore, Singapore,

2023-09-14 04:42:56

Friendly guides, good hosts

Rachel L
Singapore, Singapore
Friendly guides, good hosts

Went on a poon hill trip with a group of sg Trekkers (who later went on to
ABC) led by sali. He was a good and friendly host, along with his guides and
porters & they felt more like friends who were taking care of our safety and
guiding us through the trek. A community day was also incorporated, which
hopefully made a positive difference to both us and the village. Will
recommend :)

  Lotus312 -Brisbane Region, Australia,

2023-09-14 04:42:02

Great Trek, great guide.

I recently returned from Nepal, where I did a trek with Mountain World Treks,
led by Saligram, the owner of this company. From start to finish the trek was
very professionally organized and ran very smoothly, right from when I was
met at Kathmandu airport until I again departed from this airport. The trek was extremely well managed and Saligram was a very knowledgeable and
amiable guide and host. I would not hesitate to use this company again for my
next Himalayan trek.

  Puala sothoron -Upper Marlboro,

2023-09-14 04:40:38

Another great experience with Mountain World Treks

Recently back from my third time to Nepal and again used Mountain World
Treks with Saligram Aryal. I have used them for each one of my trips and
have never been disappointed. Saligram is always very professional and
knowledgeable about every aspect of the trek. From beginning to end he
planned everything efficiently and always kept us entertained with his humor
and wit. I was joined by two friends who had never trekked before, one of
whom had recently had a hip replacement! We trekked to ABC and had no
problems. It was a strenuous hike especially the day we pushed for MBC, but
with Saligram's encouragement, we all made it without incident. When we
eventually reached ABC, the views were worth it and amazing! We had
wonderful porters, Suresh and Binod who carried our bags up and down all
those steps and still served us tea with a smile. All and all it was a most
successful trip and I recommend Mountain World Treks for anyone planning to visit Nepal.

  alexa -Singapore, Singapore,

2023-09-14 04:38:42

Nepal experience that would change your heart

I visited Nepal as part of a 24 pax group. We arrived in Kathmandu and were
greeted by Mountain World Treks guides with warm welcome. During our trip
we visited local village and participated in a charity event. We played with kids
and we talked to locals. Part of us always will stay there. Our porters were
from that village and that made very big difference. They were part of us and
part of our guides. It was very happy community. Because we had a big group
we had few locals with us (guides and porters) and we dance, we sing and we
learned about each other. The service were well above average. We found
friends who cared for us and who wanted to show us different sides of Nepal.
They were flexible and organized. They were professional and thoughtful.
Definitely recommend them and will be working the the company in the future.

  Toan N,

2023-09-14 04:37:08

Amazing trip with Mountain World Treks

I had a chance to trek with Mountain World Treks last month. Everything was
great. I love the tour guide and the porters. They are so nice and shared a lots
of stories with us on the way there. They are also helpful and supportive ,
which means a lot to me since this is my first trek.

  Sasyraf Sri -Kembangan, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:35:47

Excellent Service

Was a great pleasure to know Mr Saligram Aryal the owner of this company.
There were only 2 of us travel and during the trekking we were accompanied
by our guide Ishwor.. he is like a brother to us. Things that i like about them :-
- clear communication. our package is tailored to our budget. Basically it ease
our journey due to time constraint ie permit, guide n transportation
- they have experienced guide. Guide is the most important part of the
journey.. their knowledge will make u feel bonded to the nature.. they treat u
like part of the family. Protect us from bulls n donkies.
- they are good advisor. ur itinerary and chosen route will determine the bitter
sweet of your journey. they will advise you accordingly.

Without any doubt, i will do it again and definitely i'll be in touch with them

  su wai mun,

2023-09-14 04:33:51

Amazing Nepal with Beautiful Scenery and People

Mountain World Treks - THANK YOU for giving 20 of us (Trek For Hope from
Singapore) the time of our lives!
Mr. Saligram Aryal (Sali) - the owner - is knowledgable, observant, kind and
caring. A natural leader. His love for his country, village and people is
infectious. He speaks excellent English and Malay (which puts me, a
Malaysian, to shame)!
His team of guides and porters (Sudip, Prakash, Raj, Suresh, Kaka, Dip,
Robin and many more) are trustworthy and fun loving! What a crazy time we
had in dancing, singing and card games!
Why is this trip so MAGICAL...
1) we took part in Nalang Village Project, a brainchild of Sali, to improve the
lives of school kids and villagers. It made us understand his people and
culture better. Keep up the good work, Sali.

2) we had a beautiful Singaporean wedding at ABC - Nepali style - with
amazing scenery all around, solemnized by none other than our Sali. It was so
3) I suffered from AMS at ABC and was vulnerable, Sali was in total control
and took excellent care of me. I owe you one, Sali.
4) some 20 of us who barely knew each other at the start of the trip, became
firm friends! Already planning our next trek and how we could do more for this
beautiful country.
Lastly, THANK YOU EVERYONE. You are part of my life now.
P.s. Already missing the mountains and your laughter. I will be back.

  Yatesyati Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:31:46

Unforgetable experiences, a helpful guides and awesome scenery..

My ABC trekking with Pak Syed from ADV Hiking Malaysia on March 15-25,
2016 are unforgettable and awesome!! With the great guide Saligram, Raj,
Prakash and not to mentioned the porters too. Really had a good time, they
are friendly, nice and helpful.

The nice thing I see was during meals and about our room. Well taken care
and the service are good.
I had my right ankle injured and swollen during trekking downwards from
Annapurna Base Camp. Raj willing to carry my knapsack to lighten my burden
and gave a hand, for me to continue trekking. He is talkative and like to jokes
which make me forget about the pains. Thanks to him, Prakash and to the
guys in the group too. You guys are GREAT!
Well, if I will be return to Nepal, definitely I choose them again.

  thressy -Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:29:45

Amazing Guide and Porters

Just came back from ABC trekking with ADV Hiking Malaysia. Saligram,
Prakash and Raj was our guide and 4 porters was a excellent team from
(Mountain World Treks and Expedition pltd. Travel Agency).
They gave us the warmest care during our stay and trek. They were all very
helpful and attentive to all my questions and ensure that we enjoyable trip all
the way. All the team was very experienced, our safety is always the top
priority for them. Accommodation was satisfying. A big Thumb-Up for
Saligram and the team as well as Mr.Minraj (My Personal porter).
I hope to be back in Nepal for Trekking and see them again as Saligram told
me "ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH" Namaste…..

  ilawanteh -Penang, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:27:15

Dedicated guides n porters who win your heart n make you wanna come back for more....

Namaste...just came back from ABC Via Poonhill trip with a group of close
friends...the journey was incredibly awesome with the assistance of Mr
Saligram Aryal of Mountain World Treks and Expedition and his dedicated
team of guides n porters (Sudip Aryal, Bharat Koirala, Suresh, Rajan and
These gentlemen were very kind and helpful and treated us as if we were
VIPs, from the moment they picked us up at the airport till our departure back
to Malaysia..

They never failed to ensure that we were comfortable throughout our trip....our
safety was their top priority....they know almost everything about Nepal, the
culture, the people, the food, the plants, the mountains, like the back of their
This is like heaven on earth and i can safely say that we'll be back in Nepal for
more mountain trekkings & hikings.thank you guys...

  Agung Putra Pratama -Yogyakarta Region,,

2023-09-14 04:25:20

Amazing guide and porters. making us like best friend and family

from the first day in Nepal. they treated me and our group like friends even we
are still strangers to them. they gave us everything to make sure our trekking
is safe. one thing that i couldn't forget about this tour are dancing and singing
time. they always make a good show when we took a rest in our tea house at
the night. I cant wait to comeback. next time, maybe i will trek to ebc or
kalapthar with them. thank you Abang sali, prakash ( sunrise), bharat, Ishwor
(brother), Shiva , Ganesh, Bhikal , keshab and all of porters that i cant
mention one by one. you make me cannot forget this experience and this
journey. thank you for everything. NAMASTE

  angele syaj -Melaka, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:23:24

Guides that treats you like close friends and family.

Melaka, Malaysia
Guides that treats you like close friends and family.
Mar 2016 • Friends
Just returned from a 15-day trip to ABC via Poonhill trip with a bunch of close
friends. The charming and friendliness of the local guides adds up to the
overall meaningful experience of the whole trip in this mighty yet beautiful
country. Special thanks to the owner, Saligram Aryal and guide, Sudip Aryal

and his assistants, Bharat, Suresh, Rajan and Hari for making my dream trip a
memorable one. Dhanyabad!

  Arinah A,

2023-09-14 04:21:57

An awesome experience!!

Totally one of the best experience in my life. Went with a bunch of strangers
and came back home with a bunch of friends. I was always at the back of the
line but the guys, Prakash, Ishwor and Bharat were always there by my side,
every step of the way to make sure I reached to our destination. The porters,
these guys are amazingly friendly and very helpful. Absolutely amazing
experience hiking with them. I can't wait to come back, next time, EBC! Until
then, thank you for your brilliant service and keep it up! I'll spread the love to
my hiking buddies if they ever coming down to Nepal. For sure!

  Arinah A,

2023-09-14 04:21:32

Arinah A
An awesome experience!!

Totally one of the best experience in my life. Went with a bunch of strangers
and came back home with a bunch of friends. I was always at the back of the
line but the guys, Prakash, Ishwor and Bharat were always there by my side,
every step of the way to make sure I reached to our destination. The porters,
these guys are amazingly friendly and very helpful. Absolutely amazing
experience hiking with them. I can't wait to come back, next time, EBC! Until
then, thank you for your brilliant service and keep it up! I'll spread the love to
my hiking buddies if they ever coming down to Nepal. For sure!

  Syahrul-Cx -Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:20:17

Best experience ever!

Trekking the ABC with Pak Syed from ADV Hiking Malaysia. The guides-
Saligram, Prakash, Raj.
It was fun and beautiful at the same time.
My ABC trek was in March during the winter season. I can't express my
gratitude enough for their services.

I was extremely impressed with the depth of their knowledge- not only the
physical aspects of the trek, but also their knowledge of each village, mountain and trek. They showed me many interesting sights that I could have easily missed had I been with someone less knowledgeable.
My comfort was highest priority every night and I felt well taken care of.
I see no need to ever look for another guide if I were to return to Nepal.
Check them out.

  Davis Chiang -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:18:13

Annapurna Base Camp Trek March 2016

1) Guides & porters are friendly.
2) Guides pace are suitable for beginners.
3) Excellent cultural exposure with lots of singing & dancing at teahouses.
4) High recommended for anyone who seeks an adventurous and fun journey!

  DM A,

2023-09-14 04:17:04

My First Taste Of Himalayan Range

The journey was well organize from day 1 till Annapurna Base Camp. Clear
command and good instruction given by the mountain guide. Looking forward
for the next adventure

  Kairil Musairi S -Kangar, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:16:17

ABC tour

Awesome!! Very good service...recommended to all hikers.. experienced and
professional tour guides...

  nellee r,

2023-09-14 04:15:14


Recommended to all beginner hikers and good guidance by Local Expert ��
Thumbs up ��
1. Price Worthy
2. Nice View
3. Family travelling

  Kam Kasturi -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:14:21

Trekking Poon Hill Loop and ABC with Mountain World Treks

I decided to go to Nepal after meeting Saligram and Yong at Mountain World
Trek booth at MATTA Fair in Kuala Lumpur in September this year. These two
gentlemen managed to convince me to go trekking in Nepal instead of normal
vacation in other countries. And I'm glad I did it. Although Mountain World Trek have several certified guides, I was lucky to get Saligram himself to be our guide. He and our porter Lila, both can converse in Malay. There were
only 4 of us including my partner. The trek was tough in my opinion for
someone who is not familiar with trekking like me, you need to be in good
shape and enough training. After all the hardship climbing uphill, the view of
the mountains was stunning because I never see snow capped mountains
back in my country. Lucky us, we were blessed with clear skies when we
reached Ghorepani, Poon Hill, Tadapani, Chomrong, MBC and ABC. If you're
going for trekking in Nepal for the first time, it is better to engage guide. I
strongly suggest a licensed company like Mountain World Treks. In fact, I'm
not hesitate to engage them again in my next trip to EBC in the future. They
were not only guide and porter to us but they were also became our close
friends. Such a wonderful people. Saligram went extra miles by accompanying
us for a tour around Pokhara for 2 days. We went boating at Phewa Lake,
visiting Davis Fall, caving and Gurkha Memorial Museum (don't forget to buy
Khukuri here, it is cheaper than other places). My gratitude to Mountain World
Treks and Saligram in person for a memorable trip.

  Anis Ismail,

2023-09-14 04:11:38

Hiking Trip to Annapurna Base Camp with Mountain World Treks

We had 12 days trip from Kathmandu-Pokhara-Annapurna Hiking-Pokhara-
Kathmandu. The trip was well organized although we had to spend a night in
the Tent due to short of room in one of the Tea Houses but it gives a whole
new experience, we woke up with glorious view of Mountains and beautiful
Saligram and porters are very supportive & accommodative. Overall we had
great fun for the whole trip.
Thank you Mountain World Treks for the great memories!

  Chieh W,

2023-09-14 04:09:50

Best & Memorable Trip in Nepal with Mountain World Treks

We have 13days family trip to ABC for trekking, we all feel enjoyed @so much
fun in the journey. We also like to give compliment to our guide Mr.Saligram
for his good services, treated us as a family members. Mr.Sali & his crews
were so kind & helpful. I was never a trekkers before, but now I would say
that will go once again!

  Tan JI,

2023-09-14 04:07:54

Amazing trip

I'm glad to join this trip. My family and I were treated well by the guides
Mr. Saligram. The guides were so kind and responsible with their job. This was

a great experience for me and I will like to have more of other experience for
the coming years!;


2023-09-14 04:05:56

Great Experience of Trekking in Nepal

Everything was just great! The services were great and all of the team
members were treated nicely. The guides, Saligram and Sam took good care of all of us.They will answered all the questions patiently yet introduced and
explained all the things that we didn't know. The journey was full of
laughter .Plus, the scenery was totally breathtaking and astonishing that will
totally make us forget the tiredness and soreness . Moreover , I'm glad that we successfully endured the avalanche and earthquake with the help of our
guides. I would like to say that this was a worthful trip that gave us
unforgettable memories!
Good Job��


2023-09-14 04:03:02

Amazing trip.

It was amazing. We had fun and adventure during the trip with good guidance
from Sali and his crew, the people and the view was spectacular. We never
aspect disaster earthquake affected us, but we able to complete the journey
with local guide and friendly villagers. Walk slow and enjoy everything, we
share and care each other in hard time. I will be back again.

  Zulaiha D Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 04:02:06

Awesome journey from Kathmandu, Pokhara, & ABC with Mr. Awesome guide!

Thank you so much to Mr. Awesome guide (Saligram Aryal) and the
team.This is the best trip I've ever had. I'm from Malaysia and I really feel
comfortable with Saligram because he know well about Malaysian culture and
he also able to speak in Malay language. Saligram and the team (especially
all the porters) are very friendly & nice. Congratulation & a very big clap I give
to Mountain World Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. Congrates Mr. Awesome & the
team. Till we meet again.

  Zulaiha D -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2023-09-14 03:58:08

Zulaiha D
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thank you so much to Mr. Awesome guide (Saligram Aryal) and the
team .This is the best trip I've ever had. I'm from Malaysia and I really feel
comfortable with Saligram because he know well about Malaysian culture and
he also able to speak in Malay language. Saligram and the team (especially
all the porters) are very friendly & nice. Congratulation & a very big clap I give
to Mountain World Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. Congrates Mr. Awesome & the team. Till we meet again.


2023-09-14 03:54:03

Annapurna base camp...

Excellent trip guider & well organized trip plan. Acceptable accommodation &
food. Enjoy it very much..

  Kam Kerai - London, UK,

2023-05-22 11:07:42

Everest Base Camp | Mountain World Treks | 5* VIP Service

Just returned from an incredible trek to Everest Base Camp with Mountain World Treks, and I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to providing an exceptional trekking experience.

Sali, the sole founder of the company; was nothing but super responsive and helpful throughout the planning process and made sure that all our questions and concerns were addressed in a timely and professional manner. Further in the background, it was clear that he worked tirelessly to ensure all the logistics were taken care of, including but not limited to airport transfers, permits, and accommodation.

Our guide; Mr. Sudip, was knowledgeable, and friendly and went above and beyond his duty to ensure that we were comfortable and safe throughout the trek. He also was able to provide us with valuable insight into the local culture and customs. It was clear that Sudip had a deep understanding and love for the mountains.

In summary, I would highly recommend Mountain World Treks to anyone looking for an exemplary trekking experience in Nepal. They are a truly first-class company, with a team of expert guides and staff who are dedicated to providing a 5* VIP experience for their clients.

Thank you to the team at Mountain World Treks for making our trip a truly unforgettable one.

  Kak Zhu - Singapore,

2023-05-16 21:05:11

I reach Everest Base Camp cos Salli and team cares!

I went with a team full of youngsters. Was worried about my stamina and if I can keep up with them. Salli and the team are the best. They treat me the same. Never once they glance at me as an older person. They took care of me from each point, each lodge, and my wonderful guides Ramesh, Samir, and Tek made sure that I drank along the way.

Salli always gives positive vibes and checks our breathing. He always gives us the empowerment that we can do it. Successfully, he brought all of us to Everest Base Camp as promised. Super great and I will never forget this trip. Thank you to Salli and his teammates for a wonderful service.

  Athena Az - Singapore,

2023-05-15 22:56:58

Here I am Everest Base Camp

3rd time with Mountain World treks & the experiences are nothing short of amazing! Sali (founder) with his wealth of experience and his wonderful guides ensured everyone was well taken care of. You can be assured you will be given the best advice to get the most out of your experience. Charity Day at Nalang Village was a wonderful day to add on to our already wonderful trip!

Thank you, Adpeak from Singapore for organising this with Mountain World. I must say I have very little to worry about with these 2 at the helm. All 16 of us made it to EBC!

Thank you Sara (Adpeak), Sali (Mountain World), Jwala, Dinesh, Suresh, Sudip, Tek, Samir, Ramesh & all the porters & friends who were with me on all 3 trips!! You guys rock, I wouldn’t have been able to make it without each one of you.

I have just gotten back with a cough and husky voice BUT it’s time to plan the next one, definitely! ;-)

  Mah Noy - Philippines,

2023-04-30 19:43:16

EBC trek with Sali’s team

I am from the Philippines and first time in Nepal and my first trek to Everest base camp. It was very tough but some how i managed to complete the trek. After we reach base camp we Take a helicopter down to lukla and fly to Kathmandu. Sali was very good at organizing everything and the trip was smooth with the help of Suresh our guide and porters. Thanks, everyone for making my dream come true. Annapurna base camp next Sali and team. You guys are super good. Namaste!

  Kruta Apte - Singapore,

2023-04-29 20:01:13

Trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable - Team Sali Trekking

We went on EBC Trek with Sali Trekking/Mountain World Treks, the mountain expert, he and his very able, knowledgeable resourceful team took very good care of us, be it accommodation, medication, food, or moral support Sali bhai was like an elder brother to us, guiding us, supporting us, laughing with us... His daughter also traveled with us ... we called her the big boss and so she was, she is the boss of the mountains, she made sure there was never a dull moment on the trip... Tek the local guide from lukla was very hospitable, I was the slowest to walk on the trek as we had to pace our walk but Tek was always there behind me taking care of me... I would 100% trust Mountain World Treks for all my treks in Nepal and you should too.

  Soniya Rayat- Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,

2023-04-26 22:53:47

5 Star Service - Sali Trekking Team

Namaste, In April 2023 we visited Nepal to climb EBC, From the beginning to the end of the trek had a great experience with Salitreking.

Saligram bhai and Niraj Aryal our guide and his team were super accommodating to us and understood our concerns and interests for this trek.

Niraj went the extra mile and made sure we were all comfortable at all the time, be it food, additional supplies or any further information about the trek he was always available for us.

The team is mindful of their clients interests and needs and provides the best service, I would recommend Salitreking company with a 5 star service!

Thank you Niraj for taking very good care of us.

It is with trust of the guide and his team one can accomplish the hike in the mountains.

Keep up the great work Team Sali Trekking!

  Mango - Dubai,

2023-04-23 20:51:03

Mind-blowing experience with Sali trekking/Mountain World

Three friends since 18 years, did the EBC with Sali trekking (Also called Mountain World Treks). I had initially planned to trek with an Everester who had inspired me for the last 5 years but a back injury and one of my friend's firm belief in Saligram ( who she had trekked earlier with ) left me with no choice but to gladly follow her.
Saligram with his lovely daughter trekked with us and ensured every arrangement was taken care of to the T. We had a fantastic trekking experience with Salli bhai and his lovely daughter and the trek in itself was made to look like one big holiday. We were accompanied by another fantastic guide named Tek, who ensured we were completely put to ease on a minute-to-minute basis. We completed our EBC trek without any hiccups on 18th April. Having met with many other trekkers we found arrangements made by Salli bhai for us were far from ordinary.
A word of gratitude to the tireless porters without whom, nothing would be possible.

Saligram / Sali trekking/mountain world - The best that can be. Absolutely fantastic experience.

  Swati somaiya - Tanzania,

2023-04-21 01:33:36

Amazing experience with Sali Trekking

Swati somaiya
Amazing very scenic and wonderful trek with so much of cooperation from the guide mr Niraj Aryal
Apr 2023 • Friends
Amazing experience with Salitreking.
Saligram and Niraj Aryal our personal guide accommodated us and cooperated with us throughout the trek and made sure we made it.
Thank you so much Saligram for the perfect itinerary and locations.
Thank you Niraj for taking very good care of us.
And helping through our route. Very grateful.

  Reshma Somaiya - Tanjania,

2023-04-15 23:32:03

April 2023 EBC trek - Birthday Celebration

Namaste. It was one year back that I got in touch with Sali Trekking and just completed the EBC 2023 trek a few days back. From that day we talked a year back till the day we finished everything was perfect. Sali bhai personally came to pick us up at the airport after all the delayed flights and horrible experiences we had and accommodated the whole trek accordingly as we had missed the trekking date. Everything was newly planned and discussed that the previous evening meant a peaceful night. All the guides and porters were amazingly friendly and very understanding as we were 3 ladies celebrating our 40, 45, and 50 birthdays milestones. We even got a cake at the base camp. Niraj and Rhythm are such wonderful souls. Niraj made a point to drop us off at the airport and then flew back to lukla to start a new trek. Excellent service amazing and wonderful people We girls felt so safe the whole trek. So much to express but loss for words. Sali, thank you so very much You will see this mountain goat again very soon ???? I'm glad I decided on trekking with you after intensive research for a whole year, and don't regret it a bit.

  Pradeep - India,

2023-04-13 19:46:55

Very prompt and supportive

We completed our EBC trek two days before. really very supportive guide Mr. Bipin and Porter, With their prompt guidance we successfully achieved our wish to EBC trek. Mr. Saligram, MD of the Mountain World Treks, is really genuine and not money-minded, and he timely helped to arrange the heli, without expecting payment, As I was running out of money I paid him helicopter money once I back to India after a week.

We strongly recommend to our friends and relatives to choose mountain world treks.

  Swastika - Australia,

2023-04-10 22:17:30

Thrilling Helicopter ride

It was an amazing 2 weeks trekking through Sherpa villages to Everest Base Camp! Mr. Saligram, the Trek organizer, replied to all our queries and gave us information all we needed to know before the trek he met us on our arrival and gave us a trip briefing which was very helpful, and helped us with some last-minute shopping too. Our trek was led by Sandip and Tek from Sali Trekking. Both guides have so much knowledge about the area, people, traditions... Sandip went above and beyond for us, to make sure everything went well. which we will be forever thankful for. The trek itself was unforgettable, we enjoyed every step even though some days were really tough. taking a thrilling helicopter ride back to Lukla was a great experience, loved it.

If you are thinking of doing a trek in Nepal, Sali Trekking and his team are the ones to look for. Highly recommended. Think about taking the helicopter back, you gonna love it.

  Harshna Simzia - Tanzania,

2023-04-02 18:28:29

Solo trek to Everest Base camp

I had the bestest 8 days of my life. I personally want to thank @Mountain world treks & expedition (Saligram Aryal) for the arrangements of this trip & giving me the best guide for my tour of Mt. Everest base camp, my guide Niraj Aryal was more than a family, who was so so motivating, encouraging & had looked after me so well! It was a bit pricey but taking the Helicopter back to lukla was a great choice for me.
Guys if you plan your trip contact them to make your trip hassle-free & enjoy your trip to the max & make a lot of memories ❤️❤️❤️

  Lino Basilio - Philippines,

2023-03-28 14:38:39

Everest Base amp trek, trip of lifetime. I did it.

I am the happiest person in the world.
Thanks, Sali and his team. Suresh was very helpful and guided us on the trek. And the porters were amazing. Without them, there was no chance I could complete the trek. Thanks, everyone. Special thanks to Sali for the well-organized trip. Lastly, arranged a helicopter in 20 minutes I was surprised, some more we didn't have to pay upfront. Thanks again for everything.

  Jaynti Kerai - London, UK,

2023-03-27 10:25:26

Truly Epic EBC Trek

Sali has built an amazing team of guides and porters. They are very well organised, very knowledgeable, and very helpful, and really made us feel at home in the mountains.

They would always check up on us to ensure everyone in the group was okay and offer medical and moral support every time it was needed. The guides Sudip and Tek were totally awesome. They bent over backward to make sure we were well looked after and that we were able to make lifelong memories.

On one occasion, we wanted to dip our feet in the Dudh Koshi (Milky River) but we could not see any route to go down a huge and steep hill. But as soon as we told the guides, they told us not to worry, just follow us and they took us down the steep hill safely to allow us to enjoy an unforgettable moment along the river bank. That was just one of these moments where they continued to amaze us. Taking Chopper back to Lukla was another highlight of the trek.

Have been to many group holidays and have had some fantastic memories - but honestly, with Sali's team they have really made this trip EPIC. Much Kudos to Mountain World Treks for what they do - they are truly awesome and stayed with us literally every step of the way. Highly recommended!

  Amit Bhanderi - London, UK,

2023-03-23 16:22:40

Incredible team and company!

An incredible tour with two amazing tour guides, Sudip and Tek, alongside 4 amazing porters, Bola, Arjun, Roshan, and Umesh. Very friendly and helpful making this one of the best trips I have ever had. Massive thanks to the whole team for catering to our revised itinerary and supporting our team throughout, Thanks guys, See you soon again.

  Bhavesh Bhanderi - UK,

2023-03-22 06:20:35

Amazing Trek to Everest Base Camp

Just came back from Everest Base Camp and what an experience it was! We had Sudip and Tek as our guides from Mountain World Treks and they were absolutely amazing. They were flexible with the itinerary and they always made sure to accommodate whatever we wanted. Taking Chopper back was a great idea. Sudip took some amazing photos of us and even showed us how to take drone capture from our phone cameras! I could not have asked for anything more from them and they treated us like their family. I would like to go back and do the Gokyo or Annapurna trek and would definitely use Mountain World trek and would love to have Sudip and Tek as my guide again!

  Eza Zarra - Malaysia,

2023-03-18 13:12:44

EBC TREK - Hike up, Fly down

Namaste. Truly grateful for the trekking experience with Mountain World Treks @ SaliTrekking. We went to ABC with Mountain World Treks @ SaliTrekking in 2018 and this year, Oct 2022, we returned to treks EBC via Gokyo with Mountain World Treks @ SaliTrekking again!

Thanks to our great guide, Suresh. Without his support, we probably not able to complete the EBC treks. He is knowledgeable, super hardworking, extremely patient, friendly, and incredibly funny. He took good photos too! Thank you again Suresh for pushing us through and keeping the vibes and excitement high.

Lastly, our grateful appreciation to Saligram for doing the nearly impossible task of securing our spot and getting us to the Surke by helicopter ride when there were no flights to Lukla and the helicopter ride was in high demand. Everything has been taken care of smoothly. Definitely recommend their service and will always choose Mountain World Treks @ SaliTrekking whenever trekking in Nepal.

  Yana Haris - Australia,

2023-03-16 02:09:20

Amazing! Amazing!! Amazing!!!

It was an AMAZING experience above all.. sali trekking provided such amazing hospitality. Without their guide I probably wouldn't have made it to EBC but as Suresh (our guide) always said "bistari bistari mutti didi". And Big Thanks to sali for arranging a Helicopter back to Lukla at the last minute. Definitely going to go back soon for my next adventure!!

  Why Mantul _ Shaba, Malaysia,

2022-09-15 11:23:59

Sali Is The best - Sali Trekking Mantul!

1 in a 100,000 - The best agent & the best guide ever.. with his porters & co-guide , Mr Tek ????????❤️
Next trip pasti guna ejen ini lagi


  Sham East - KL, Malaysia,

2022-09-15 01:02:12

MWT and Sali is the best in Nepal

This is my 2nd time using Sali and Mountain World Trek. The first was my trip to ABC back in 2016. This time my trip was to EBC from Sept 1st to 13th. Sali is an experienced, resourceful, and passionate mountain guide. He and his dedicated Sherpa will ensure your trip is successful. He is easy to deal with starting from organizing the itinerary, re-planning the route due to Lukla's flight being canceled, managing your expectations, and taking care of everyone in the group. Everything can be discussed and cater to meet the client's expectations. To those planning a trip to beautiful mountain ranges in Nepal, whether short or long trip, I highly recommend Sali's service. P/s me and my whole team made it to EBC on 10th Sept, Kudos to Sali & Team. And flying back to Lukla by Helicopter after base camp, you won't regret it, you may plan ahead with a hike up and fly down plan. I am sure gonna love it.

  Marwan Mursyid - Malaysia,

2022-09-14 16:06:22

Everest Base Camp via Kharikhola & Heli back

Early September 2022, we trekked to Everest Base Camp via Kharikhola. We had a problem going to Lukla by Flight. Sali and Mountain World Treks solve our trip they make it happen by going there by jeep. Wonderful Journey and a good experience with Sali.

However, we succeeded in reaching Everest Base Camp (EBC) in 9 days. and fly back to Lukla to end our trip. Sali has very good knowledge and also good service during the expedition. Highly recommended!

  Vivien Miranda - Singapore,

2022-05-19 15:58:08

Challenging trek to Everest base camp

Sali and his team of experts know their stuff and from the airport itself, they take you in and make you feel at home and welcome. The entire trekking experience is professionally managed with the utmost emphasis on safety. I highly recommend mountain world trekks to amateurs and experienced trekkers. You are always in safe hands!
The Everest base Camp trek is not easy but not difficult enough to dissuade you entirely. It's a welcome challenge! The best option after reaching base camp is to take a helicopter back to Lukla, save the days, and save energy.

  Fatimah Juliana - KL, Malaysia,

2019-09-21 15:53:58

Hiking to Everest Base Camp but Heli back

The best experience ever! Sali & his team are the best organizers one could ever have. I totally feel safe and well taken care of when being with Sali. He is well experienced and u can rest assured on him and his team. Just relax and enjoy your trip! This is my 2nd trip with Sali... And definitely not the last. Won't go with any others! Thank you so much Mountain World Treks... You guys are simply the best!!

  Ckay Tan - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2018-12-02 15:50:41

Awesome EBC hike & Helicopter back to Lukla

Excellence and experienced guidance Mr. Saligram of Mountain World Treks and Expeditions. Such a good and unforgettable memory for me on this trip!
Thank you once again for all the nice photoshoots and the nice and professional photo angle taken by Mr. Saligram.
I'm a slow walker but you and your team never left me behind! A great pick-take heli ride back to Lukla after Stepping on the base camp, If no Heli I have no idea, how I can mage walking back down, Thanks Sali for all the arrangements at a reasonable price.
Thank you and hope to be back in Nepal soon and join you to conquer another mountain in Nepal!

  Jok Liew - KL, Malaysia,

2018-11-29 15:46:26

Amazing EBC with Mountain World Treks & Expeditions

In Nov 2018, 5 of us in a group took on the amazing challenge of trekking to EBC under the well-experienced guidance of Saligram of Mountain World Treks & Expeditions. As always Saligram did a very good job to organise the trip from picking us up from Kathmandu International Airport to dropping us off for our departure.
As for the journey, despite the extremely cold weather and unexpectedly strong wind, we had a very clear blue sky in November. We took so many photographs of the people going through their daily chores and the picturesque natural world along the trail. After completing the base camp, a group of 4, took Heli back to Lukla, which was a great experience. it took only 10 minutes to fly back to Lukla, where we walked in 8 days on the way up..
It’s a lifetime journey and I strongly recommend it, especially under the guidance of knowledgeable and great leadership of Saligram of Mountain World Treks & Expeditions.

  Rahul Sawant - Singapore,

2018-06-22 15:29:54

EBC trek Heli back to Lukla

Many things are written and said about Mt Everest and the region. To me, it remains the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world combined with a very fascinating Sherpa culture. I plan to climb at least 52 peaks ;) there in the next 20 years, with the fabulous company of Saligram and mountain World treks. One of the friendliest guides I ever met. He dragged us, made us laugh, and inspired us most of the time. It was one crazy hell of a trek. Our guide was wonderful and an excellent help. Taking a helicopter back to Lukla was the best flight I ever took. Thank you to all for making our trip so memorable.

  Manish Mathur,

2018-05-11 15:41:40

Stretching to the limits - challenging EBC trek

A very well-guided tour by Mr Saligram or should I say Sali Bhai and his team to the adventurous Everest Base Camp, especially with my 14 years old son who has never been to these heights before.
Very well briefed and monitored by Sali Bhai each day was an achievement well earned. Sali Bhai and his team were all the way along with the trekking members like a family and never let anyone feel alone and demotivated.
It was a great experience for my son to have come out of his comfort zone to experience some thrilling and challenging days which I am sure he will cherish all through his life. This tour has given him good confidence to tackle tough conditions. My son was the happiest person to take the chopper back to Lukla from base camp, it was a great experience. I will give huge credit to Sali Bhai and his team who were continuously around.

On the whole, it was a great experience, and would love to recommend the tour to those who love challenges and excitement.

On a personal note Sali Bhai in spite of being an owner of 'Mountain World' is a very hard-working person and down to earth. He is very committed to his work and takes very good care of his team. I wish him great success and good luck for the future...Cheers :)

  Rajan Mathur,

2018-05-07 15:38:03

Everest Trek with Helicopter return

We were a group of 14 who successfully completed the trek to Everest Base Camp, and a large part of the credit goes to Mr. Saligram Aryal and his team from Mountain World Treks. They were like a friend and a guiding light to all of us on this very difficult trek. Right from arranging hotels, flights, food and of course guiding us on the trek, they gave personal attention to the requirements of every member of the group. The best part is taking a helicopter back to Lukla after the Everest base camp.
I strongly recommend anyone doing the trek to blindly go with MountainWorld Treks who truly believes in personal safety and the best comforts of their clients.
Look forward to meeting them again.

  Supriya Rajan,

2018-04-25 15:35:07


Salibhai was wonderful as our guide, without him, we wouldn't have made it to the Everest Base Camp. Thank god I took Heli back to Lukla after the tough walk to Base camp. thanks for all the arrangements Sali Bhai. Highly recommended to all those adventure trekkers who want a taste of the Himalayas! Go with Mountain World Treks.

  Jason Tan -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2017-09-05 03:44:23

Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC)

This is my best trekking experience and achievement for me in 2017. We
manage to reach EBC on 9.5.2017 with my son and two nephew as family.
We did it together with Mountain World Treks Mr Sudip Aryal our porter guide.
Mr Sudip not only take care of our daily need but also ensure our safety,
health and he is our captain of the ship and always give encouragement to our
team member so that all of us will make it to EBC.

  Andy Scoot -Newcastle upon Tyne, UK,

2017-05-13 03:41:57

Everest Base Camp Trek

Have trekked with Mountain World treks before. We had high hopes of
completing this trek. However we were stuck in Namche for three nights due
to unseasonal heavy snow fall. Eventually we got going but I had a couple of
falls just beyond Tengboche. We kept going but by Lobuche I was struggling
with sore ribs and hip, and bad headaches. Sudip our guide was excellent and
organized our helicopter evac. My treatment at the hospital was very good
and Sudip kept us both informed of the developments with the insurance
company. Our spare days were nice and restful and Saligram organized our
trips to Bhaktapur and Boudhanath. Saligram and his staff could not be faulted
and we were very happy with our overall experience.

  Susan Dickins - Westport,

2017-04-23 11:19:00

An Unbelievable Experience

If you are looking for a truly wonderful experience and if you enjoy trekking, you should definitely use Mountain World Treks. My daughter and I traveled up to the base camp of Mt. Everest. Our guide was the absolute best. He was always helpful and really fun to have with us.
Don't hesitate to give them a try. Contact Saligram to set up your trek You won't regret it.

  Charles L,

2017-04-18 03:45:58

Friendship earned!

The trip was professionally managed and very well planned by Sali and his
team of experienced and witty guides! Time management was crucial to
ensuring that we arrived at the next checkpoint on time and to have sufficient
rest for the next day of trek. Sali's planning was spot on which gave us full
confidence to push on at our own pace. They made sure that we were well
taken care of both physically and emotionally. Afterall it is the mind and not
the body that pulled us through and his team of experts guides ensured that
we were constantly motivated and invigorated everyday. We did not only paid
for a trip to EBC, the new friendship we found in Sali and his team is priceless!

  Dan The Man - London, UK,

2017-04-17 11:35:05

Just simply amazing

I had the most amazing time and witnessed some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen and probably ever seen. Even the fauna and flora were a beauty to behold. I would not recommend anyone but Saligram for providing me with a tour, words can not describe how grateful I am for such a beautiful trek. To top it off he also invited me round to stay at his home with his family to experience local life in Kathmandu.

I had the best time ever Thank you so much Saligram and my guide!!

  Alexandra - Calgary, Canada,

2017-04-16 03:49:28

Everest Base Camp Trek - April 2017

24 year old, solo female traveler here! I am so glad I had my guide Bhim with
me doing this trek as well as the support and excellent service that Sali and
his team provided. I caught a cold midway through the journey to basecamp
and had to stop frequently (mostly for nose-blowing haha...). My guide was
very supportive and never made me feel like we were in a rush. He always
made sure that I was warm at the tea houses and would always somehow find

a second blanket at the teahouses. The trek itself was one of the coolest
experiences. Being a solo traveler I was a little worried about getting lonely,
however I met so many different people from all over the world and made
some good friends. Getting to basecamp felt great and there is a real sense of
accomplishment once you see it for the first time. Now the REAL showcase of
what a great company Sali runs happened on the way back to Lukla. I ended
up getting a bad case of trekkers knee on the way down (got to a point where
I couldn't bend my knees, painful and very inflamed). I took about 3-4 extra
hours per day and Bhim never left my side (literally) as I hobbled down the
trail. He called Sali while I was resting in my room at Namche Bazaar and they
said that they could organize an extra day/night as well as rescheduling my
flight for me if needed at a price that was MUCH cheaper than renting a horse
back to Lukla from Namche (which were pretty much my options at that point
as I couldn't walk at the end of the day). Luckily after a good nights sleep, two
knee braces and some encouraging words from my guide, I slowly made it
back to Lukla the next day. I am so thankful for Bhim, Sali and his company as
they were very patient and understanding during some unexpected challenges
during my trek and overall I had a fantastic experience. Also the views are

  Pat Lim -Singapore,

2017-04-13 04:01:58

Adventurous Trip

It was my first trip to EBC and my friend Yip engage Sali as our tour guide as
he is fluent with English and Bahasa! He took great care of all the 10 of us by:
1. Checking our blood pressure and oxygen level in our blood before and after
every hike. Safety always come first.
2. Supplying us clean sleeping bags (no funny dirty smell)
3. Food - we had fried rice (typical Malaysians), spaghetti, dal baht, friend
noodle, fried chicken and
4. Accommodation - most of the accommodations are clean with basic
necessities (don’t expect 5 stars service on the mountain) as long as they are
5. In terms of knowledge, experience, he is like a walking discrimination and
directory of EBC.
We are so happy with his guide hence some of them is going to ABC this nov
2018 and I’m going to Island Peak with him next year probably April 2019.
Thanks you Sali for the great experience!

  Goh Winsome -Singapore,

2017-04-13 03:46:58

Memorable trek to EBC with MWT!

It was great to travel again with World Mountain Treks! Sali and team once
again impressed me with their professionalism in guiding us to trek to EBC.
The itinerary was well planned and the execution was smooth. The guides
took care of us wonderfully, watching out for us when we scaled challenging
terrains, and sharing with us stories and experiences for trekking in Nepal.
Highly recommended especially if you are first time in Nepal. Sali will make
you return for more!

  Morph - Bristol, UK,

2017-03-12 12:33:44

Great Trekking company!!

Oct 2014 • Friends
These guys were amazing, from the moment they picked us up from the airport to the moment they dropped us off again 3 weeks later everything we could hope for was taken care of.

During our time in Kathmandu, they took us around to see the sites and showed us good places to get trekking gear and amazing momos.

During our trek, they always got us into great tea houses, with friendly staff and great rooms..some of which even had their own showers!

Would most definitely use these guys again.

  Livvy Whealan -Melbourne, Australia,

2017-01-23 03:14:53

Once in a lifetime !!

Prior to leaving for Nepal I did a lot of research on Trekking Companies and
as soon as I came across Mountain World Treks I knew they were my top
choice! They were so informative and prompt from the beginning I knew it was
going to be a good trek! I didn’t know how great it was going to be.
This was my first trekking experience - And I decided to go in winter to
Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar - not an easy feat! Without the constant
assistance, encouragement and advice of the guide and porters I honestly
don’t think I would have made it.
Everything was so well Organized, all we had to do was trek, and everything
else was looked after. I don’t put my trust in a lot of people but I 100% trusted
the team at Mountain World! We had the best tea houses, the best food, the
best warm stoves, the best photographs, the best people and the best fun
thanks to the team…I couldn’t find anything to complain about if I tried!!
It was such an amazing experience and one I will never forget. It was made all
the better by the team at Mountain World Treks and I will be forever grateful!!

  Alan Whealan -Melbourne, Australia,

2017-01-22 03:11:20

Top trip with mountain World Treks

We have just finished an amazing trip with Saligram in Nepal trekking to
Everest base camp. From the word go our every need was catered for . From

making sure the hotel we stayed in had hot water to telling us when and
where we could eat something or not Sali oversaw all our needs. I can
honestly say we would not have made basecamp if not for our guide Sali and
our amazing porters Dilli and Sabin Thanks again to Saligram and his team for
another memorable experience in Nepal

  Jessie Chan -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2016-11-23 03:38:16

Magnificent views of Annapurna Base Camp

Experienced first time trek to the Annapurna Base Camp in Nov 2016.
Excellent trek, great organized by Mountain World Treks. The trek was very
well planned and we truly enjoyed the journey. Mountain World Treks gave us
most caring and no worry about anything because they took care of
everything during the whole trek from transportation, food and lodging was
good. Thumbs up for Mountain World Treks and many thanks to Saligram,
Ishwor and Bikal. I will recommend your services to all my friends.

  Ashlee Kalgoorlie -Boulder, Australia,

2016-11-15 03:16:05

Passionate and motivating

I met Saligram from Mountain World Treks while I was trekking to Everest
Base Camp with another company. Sali was guiding a small group to EBC,
and we were following the same itinerary and staying at the lodges for 5
consecutive days. During that time I got to know Sali and his clients - we

essentially became one big group. Sali was always energetic, motivating, and
full of facts! He was always willing to help out where he could. I would highly
recommend Saligram from Mountain World Treks to others.

  kohilaps -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2016-10-30 03:29:50

A dream came true!

Trekking in Nepal is an amazing experience. Everest Base Camp was my
dream for the past 2 years and thank you to Mountain World Treks for making
my EBC trek an amazing journey! Helpful, kind, well experienced and
understanding, my team and I were provided with all sufficient details prior to
the trek. We purchased for trekking gears together and received advise on the
do's and don'ts in the mountain which were extremely helpful.
Once in Nepal is never enough. Came as a stranger, left as family :) Thank
you once again Saligram bhai - definitely trekking with you team again soon!

  CK Y - Malaysia,

2016-10-26 04:11:59

They got your back!

Not unless you are in a really bad shape and condition, they will make sure of
you completing the trip no matter how difficult it is and have the men to watch
for you even if you are falling way behind the group. They will monitor your
condition and make the call if you may or may not continue. Before my trek up
ebc started, I knew there were few people in the group before us who didn't
complete as the guide had called the shot, convincing them to withdraw and
can always come back at another time.
I don't know if I'd call it lucky for my case, I didn't sleep at all throughout the
ascending trek until I descended to Pheriche from Gorakshep and I'd
complained about some health condition, particularly my heart wasn't feeling
right when I was at elevation above 4km and yet the guide dismissed it being
just a mind trick. I didn't take any medication prior to or during the trip, up till I
arrived at Dingboche (well, I took a tablet of paracetamol given by a team
mate to get rid of the headache experience during the descent from
Tengboche to Pangboche). Knowing me not carrying Diamox, he convinced
me and gave me some to take as a preventive measure after noticing me and
few others troubled by mild altitude sickness. And by the time I reached
Gorakshep, I realized I was in a very bad shape due to some fever/flu,
although my oxygen level maintained above 60+ which he implied still capable
of reaching EBC but must take it slowly and re hydrated often. So I continued
following the team and went up, it was a terrible idea, and I only realized half
way through that I left the water bottle I newly bought at the lodge before
leaving Gorakshep for EBC...
But I made it, took twice the time the others done, though I was pushing too
hard that I exhausted completely and I could barely move my feet plus my
body temperature was going down. Decided to call for Heli, but Sali our guide,
again convinced me all I need was rest, instead he ran back the fastest he
could to Gorakshep and summon a horse ride for me. No emergency
evacuation at all, and I took some cold medicine that night after getting hauled
back to Gorakshep and next day dragged my exhausted body down to
Pheriche, which my team mates commenting if I was just faking ill since I
appeared to be revitalized unlike the remaining others who descending

together... My thought was, probably the medicine kicked in, and I was able to
recover my stamina faster unlike the way up EBC perhaps thanks to Oxygen...
Thinking back, it wasn't that bad and perhaps glad that I trekked back on my own feet. My take on the most enjoyable moment of this EBC trip is probably the time trekking down from Pheriche to Namchee Bazaar when everything
was clear to view, the unexpected snow and the scenery for this stretch at that time was the best in the entire trip (cause it was foggy and windy during
ascending all the way)! I haven't mentioned aside from sweeper and Sali our
main guide, there was another member who was a porter but unlike other
porter, he actually stopped and checked on those fell behind the team,
accompanied them and at one time before reaching Gorakshep, I
remembered the visibility was so bad due to fog and sand and there were only
two of us, we were unsure about our location until we saw that porter who
actually returned with a bottle of warm water from Gorakshep, helped the lady
carrying the load off her and then walked us back to the lodge there.
If you decide to going with a tour company, go with them and I am sure you
are in the right hand. Sali is experienced and he is able to make the right
decision whether you shall proceed (like my confused case) or return next
time (like the other poor guys didn't make it for obvious reasons). He and his
company know what they are doing.

  Nigel Spikerman - Malaysia,

2016-10-26 03:36:11


A big thanks you for Mountain World Treks (MWT) for helping me fulfill this
dream. As with all travels, the climax wasn't just the destination but what the
journey helped you experience. Kudos to this esteemed organization from
Saligram (boss) and Prakash (master guide), ensuring that our team was well
taken care off from the time of arrival in Kathmandu, the smooth travel to
Lukla airport, how accommodation and meals were arranged, attention to
historical details, safety and personal care whenever warranted. To the review
readers, do not waste time arriving in Kathmandu and then searching for a
expedition partner. You have that with Mountain World Treks, a very
professional establishment. Our guide Prakash extended his excellent guiding
abilities beyond the EBC trek, while our porters made us feel more
comfortable especially with the heavy loads. Spend a few more days in
Kathmandu while recuperating after EBC. Sali and Prakash showed us more
Nepali hospitality that I'd always cherish. Further tips. Kathmandu bazaars
have all the equipment you might need for this trek. Get there a couple of
days earlier for some shopping. MWT will assist you here. A good pair of
trekking boots, broken in prior to the trip is essential. Follow the equipment
checklist but do not bring redundant items. It's too heavy. Medical camp;
evacuation insurance up to the level of 5,000m is essential. Finally, the guides
and porters also rely on our tips for income. Do not be stingy if you have been
taken care off very well. See you again Mountain World Treks, I luv you

  Morth from Haworth, NJ,

2016-10-24 11:57:19

Excellent in every way - Annapurna base camp

We just came back from a two-week trip to Nepal, organized by Saligram of Mountain World Treks. He arranged everything and was our guide throughout. And what an excellent job he did. Everything was taken care of; hotels and tea houses were booked and paid for; admissions to museums, and other sights; taxis and cars to take us around, etc, etc.
We wanted to see some sights, and also do some trekking, and Saligram customized an itinerary for us and made changes we requested.
So in summary, I would highly recommend Saligram to anyone planning a trip to Nepal, whether it's sightseeing, or trekking, or a bit of both. He is so knowledgeable, and so competent, and experienced, that he will make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful by taking care of all the logistics and letting you just enjoy the beautiful country of Nepal.

  Zetch Ng - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia,

2016-10-23 03:37:14


We all had a wonderful experience during our recent visit to Nepal for the EBC
trek. Our guide Sudip made sure that all of us were well taken care of. Thanks
to him, everyone in my group reached EBC safely. All in all a very memorable

  Mtlcda from Ridgewood, NJ,

2016-10-20 11:59:28

The BEST, hands down!

When I first decided to go to Nepal, my thought was that I would hire a guide for the trekking part of the trip only. I saw only excellent reviews on TripAdvisor for Mountain World Treks and there was a lot more positive feedback on their Facebook page, so I found them on the internet. Saligram, the company owner, and I became friends on Facebook and we chatted regularly about my trip to Nepal. As the trip approached it made more sense to let Mountain World Treks handle the trip from start to finish. Their prices were reasonable and when I let them know the things that we wanted to see/do, they became part of our itinerary. We were lucky enough to have Saligram as our guide. Although he had other tours/treks going on concurrently, we always had his undivided attention. We went during the biggest festival of the year--Dashain. On the 8th day, the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of animals takes place in temples throughout the nation. This was a big concern because I didn't want to witness any of this. I let Saligram know, and it never became an issue. We also had the honor of staying with his family on their rice farm on the 10th day of Dashain, the 'Dashami'. On this day, elders put Tika on the forehead of younger relatives to bless them (simplified version). Not only did we witness this ritual, we were included. It was an experience I will never forget. This was a very busy time to be in Nepal, yet despite the crowds and cues, our guide made sure we never waited in any lines, and we always seemed to have the best room in the hotels / tea & guest houses. And if our porter is any indication, Mountain World Treks hires only the best. If you're planning a trip to Nepal, go with Mountain World Treks. It's a no-brainier.

  Patil Ashok,

2016-10-20 03:26:40

EBC trekking

Awesome team inspired us to achieve extra mileage and unforgettable
I recently returned from Nepal, where I did a trek with Mountain World Treks,
led by Saligram & his team. From start to finish the trek was very
professionally organized and ran very smoothly, right from when I was met at
Kathmandu airport until I again departed from this airport. The trek was
extremely well managed and Saligram & his team are a very knowledgeable
and amiable guide and host. I would not hesitate to use this company again
for my next Himalayan trek.

  Dan M - UK,

2016-10-11 03:22:02

Excellent Trekking Company and Guide for Everest Base Camp

This was my 4th time in Nepal and I have trekked without a guide previously
in Annapurna Base Camp; Langtang. However, this time I was travelling solo and so needed a reliable private guide for 3 weeks trekking to Everest Base Camp in Feb/March this year.

From the moment I contacted Saligram at Mountain World he was friendly and
professional. We agreed a trek itinerary from the UK and the trek was finalized
by me sending a small deposit by bank transfer.
My guide was Sam, an experienced man in the Himalayas for over 20 years.
Sam did far more just simply show me the way. He was able to point out flora
& fauna, mountains & rivers, recommend hotels/lodges (including the best
rooms!) and we also enjoyed some great local food & drink.
Sam's expertise really showed when we were stuck in a lodge in Dingboche at
4500m with snow falling outside for 4 days. I felt safe under his guidance and
so did many others with guides from other groups looking to him for advice.
I am already thinking about my next trip to Nepal and will certainly be keeping
in contact with Saligram and Sam who I now consider to be friends.

  Low Y - Malaysia,

2016-10-09 04:12:48

Best and most professional tour guide

They have the most equipment of first aids and most caring tour guide that
check on your body condition before and after every hike. Will definitely return
to them in soon future for island peak

  SAS Teacher -Luang Prabang, Laos,

2016-09-14 03:39:21

A Bunch of Divers on EBC Trekking

Amazing! I expected to be impressed and I was not disappointed. Our guide,
Saligram, was great; attentive and flexible. He did everything he said he would
do and made the trip rather easy, from a logistics point of view. The trek is
strenuous, but doable for anyone in reasonable shape. Being in good physical
condition was a definite advantage.

  Sarita paris -Somerset,

2016-09-13 03:25:00

Yet another wonderful trip with Mountain world treks

This is my second trip with Mountain World Treks and I would highly
recommend the company. The owner is absolutely wonderful and always
makes sure that everything goes well with the trip. My guide was so kind and
always looked after me and nothing was too much trouble. It was an amazing
holiday once again and I would not think twice about using this company -
such lovely people.

  Sanjib Ghosal -Singapore,

2016-06-25 03:28:04

A breathtaking EBC Trek with Mountain World Treks

Well, by the time I reached Kathmandu, Saligram had interacted with us so
much for every minute detail, we weren't strangers, but fast friends already.
Each and every aspect of our trip was well taken care of in a very professional
Be it the down jackets or the trek pants, Sali Bhai helped us even with those
purchases. Absolute personalized service and you feel like you are pampered.
What a trip it was! He disciplined us when required, let us be when he knew
he could, always keeping a keen eye on OUR TARGET - The Base Camp.
We made it because of you - Mountain World Treks and Sali Bhai.

  Rahul Sawant -Singapore,

2016-06-20 03:32:12

Everest Base Camp

Many things are written and said about Mt Everest and the region. To me it
remains the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world combined with a
very fascinating Sherpa culture. I plan to climb atleast 52 peaks ;) there in the
next 20 years, with the fabulous company of Saligram and mountain World
treks. One of the most friendliest guides I ever met. He dragged us made us
laughed and inspired us most of the time. It was one crazy hell of a trek. Our
guide were wonderful and excellent help. Thank you to all for making our trip
so memorable

  Tony Bradel - UK,

2016-05-24 04:13:40

Making it to Everest Base Camp - and beyond!

Party of 7 of us, none in the first springs of youth. However, the trip, arranged
and lead by Saligram, got us all to Everest Base Camp, and a few of us
ventured to a higher attitude to get a better view of the mountain. The whole
trip was well-organised and we all felt well looked-after by Saligram and his


2016-05-21 03:54:15

“EBC trekking with Mountain World Treks”

My second trip with Mountain World Treks to EBC was amazing. Is well
organized by the company owner himself My Saligram Aryal and everyone in
the group was very pleased with their excellent services.
We are very fortunate to have Mr. Raj Silwal as our guide who always been
very friendly, attentive, helpful + giving us confidence and all the comfort to
complete the long track to ebc safely. Everybody miss u Raj!:)
Lastly a very big thank you from all of us to Sali and his team. If you are
planning for trekking in Nepal, look for SALI and get the best, unforgettable
experience with Mountain World Treks. They are definately the best and I am
definitely looking for the next trip with them again!

  Janelle White - Brisbane Region, Australia,

2016-05-20 04:15:31

Great Trek to Everest Base Camp

I have just successfully completed my second trek with this company and,
once again, came away with a positive experience. Trekking in the Himalayas
requires local knowledge and experience and this company has plenty of
both. It was important, trekking to EBC, to have the knowledge to get
everyone there safely and with the best chance of not acquiring altitude
sickness. We were a group of 8, ranging in age from 18 to 60’s and all of us
were able to make it to Base Camp, thanks to Saligram, his expert knowledge
and well-trained guides. Hopefully I will return to trek again with this company.

  Mumtaz L -Singapore,

2016-05-18 03:53:02

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp is a once in a lifetime experience and Saligram and his
company, Mountain World Treks, made it happen for me. I made it to EBC last
Sunday with guidance from my guide, Sandip.
I was referred to Saligram and Mountain World Treks by a friend who had
done the same trip with them a few months ago. The company arranged for
everything from booking the flights between Lukla and Kathmandu, to all
lodging while on trek, meals, guide, porter, Kathmandu sightseeing, hotel in
Kathmandu, airport pickup and drop off, and briefings. It exceeded my
expectations in many ways.
Saligram loves his job. He is extremely responsive to WhatsApp and
Facebook. He answered all my questions and clarified my doubts before the
trip. The company website is very complete and useful in terms of providing
every last detail of the itinerary, packing list, Nepal visa, etc.
Sandip is a very good-hearted person. He helped me maintain regular contact
with my family back home and even called up my husband from Base Camp
using his phone to inform him I had made it!
I highly recommend the services of Mountain World Treks. The team has
been fabulous. I will definitely come again and do the Annapurna Circuit with
Thanks a lot, Saligram, Sandip and Mountain World Treks!

  Jim Lorry - Austin, TX,

2016-05-11 03:51:11

Annapurna base camp trek

Sali organized an ABC trek for our group from Singapore and Malaysia.
Everything about the trip was phenomenal and the logistics were really done
well. Sali was always present during airport transfers and was essentially
around anytime we needed him. The trek itself was outstanding and Sali had
made arrangements at all the best teahouses well in advance. There were
some hikers that could not find accommodation, but we were always well
prepared with lodges and meals. The staff and porters were all very friendly
and helpful. There were a couple of minor issues during the trip, but Sali got
things sorted out quickly. I was happy enough with this trip that I am booking
again with Sali to explore Lo Mathang. I highly recommend Sali and Nepal!

  Arun VR -Thiruvananthapuram, India,

2016-05-09 04:03:30

Mountain world trek is superb

I recommend mountain world treks if you believe in peaceful and hassle-free
travel. I did 15 day trip with them headed by Samuham Aryal, they took care
of me like family and I could complete a successful base camp trip in May
2018. They are highly professional, very organised and people oriented. I give
them five star rating....

  Yong Koon Yip -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2016-04-28 03:55:14

EBC trek Charity in the village

Excellent Service with personal touch. Enjoyed ecery step of climbing to
Everest base camp with Sali and his team. Sali (the business owner) also has
a golden heart. He is doing a lot of charity activities for a school in Nalang.

  Supriya Rajan,

2016-04-23 03:56:38


Sali bhai was wonderful as our guide, without him we wouldn't have made it to
the Everest Base Camp. Recommended to all those adventure trekkers who
want a taste of the Himalayas!

  Rajan Mathur,

2016-04-22 03:58:24

Everest Base Camp Trek with Mountain World Treks

We were a group of 14 who successfully completed the trek to Everest Base
Camp, and a large part of the credit goes to Mr Saligram Aryal and his team
from Mountain World Treks. They were like a friend and a guiding light to all of
us on this very difficult trek. Right from arranging hotels, flights, food and of
course guiding us on the trek, they gave personal attention to requirements of
every member of the group.
I strongly recommend anyone doing the trek to blindly go with Mountain World
Treks who truly believe in personal safety and best comforts of their clients.
Look forward to meeting them again .

  Atoz A -Penang Island, Malaysia,

2016-04-19 04:05:20

I would say that our trip was perfectly well organised and Mr Sali (our tour
Guide) was absolutely professional.
We have TEN of us and few had AMS issues but everything was handled so
well and our friends was send back to Kathmandu and everything was
arranged perfectly.
I would strongly recommend Mountain World Trek to anyone who wish to
have smooth and wonderful hiking trip to Nepal.
And our Guide Mr Sali is Very friendly too.
Thank Sali for this wonderful hiking trip NAMASTE.

  Atoz A -Penang Island, Malaysia,

2016-04-17 04:07:38

Everest Base Camp with Mountain World treks

I would say that our trip was perfectly well organized and Mr. Sali (our tour
Guide) was absolutely professional.
We have TEN of us and few had AMS issues but everything was handled so
well and our friends was send back to Kathmandu and everything was
arranged perfectly.
I would strongly recommend Mountain World Trek to anyone who wish to
have smooth and wonderful hiking trip to Nepal.
And our Guide Mr Sali is Very friendly too.
Thank Sali for this wonderful hiking trip NAMASTE.

  Zhao Vic -Penang, Malaysia,

2016-04-17 03:33:18

Everest Base Camp Trek

The mountain guide was very knowledgable and always tend to our needs.
Although our team members which consisted of 5 people moved at different
speeds, he always made sure to take care of the fastest and slowest by
picking up with fastest in case the fastest was lost, while motivating the
slowest to catch up with the group.
Enjoyed the once in a lifetime experience to the Everest Base Camp.

  Rumi Mikhael -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2016-04-13 04:28:46

Surely the best hiking adventure in my life !

A very good communication with saligram help me to achieved my bucket list
in the young age a very good personality and also he can speak malay very
well his porters are well professional of take care of his clients .without them ,
its will be very difficult for me to achieved this adventured will back to nepal to
continue my journey towards the himalayas and still saligram as our backbone
of the journey .

  MK Rahaman -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2016-04-13 04:14:41

Personal Touch

Theres nothing much to say about the trail and weather, its beyond their
control but for us it was superb. What i like most about this operator was their
personal touch. The crew takes pain to ensure that we are all comfortable and

  Robert -London, UK,

2016-04-12 03:18:13

Fabulous trip!

My husband and I met Sali during our first trip to Nepal, and decided to trek to
Everest Basecamp with him on the recommendation of a family from London,
who were travelling with him at the time.
I have to say we were hugely impressed with Mountain World Treks. Sali was
so informative about Nepali culture, and having worked his way up from being
a porter initially, was very careful to ensure that his own staff are treated well.
Nothing was too much of a problem, and he was very supportive and helpful
when my husband had difficulties with the altitude. We also had the
opportunity to meet several members of his family and home village which
was very special.
Nepal is a very beautiful country and trekking here is just amazing wherever
you go. I would strongly recommend travelling with Mountain World Treks, in
order to get the best from your trip!

  Sook Kim - Singapore,

2016-03-20 03:43:20

Everest Base Camp

Huge thanks to Mr Saligram Aryal a.k.a Sali and his team from Mountain
World Treks for helping me fulfilled this dream; ticking off my personal bucket
list to trek Everest Base Camp.
Sali is a reliable and encouraging tour guide whom is very passionate about
his job. He takes on his role professionally and is very accommodating to the
needs of every single participant. His charming, hilarious and charismatic
personality also makes our trip more fun and enjoyable. He took good care of
us from the very day we arrived at Kathmandu until the day that we left.
I strongly recommend Mountain World Treks to anyone looking for a guide in
Nepal. Furthermore, Sali is also the founder of Nalang Sewa Samaj, a project
dedicated to providing better health care and education to the under
privilege children in the rural village of Nalang. As you trek with Mountain
World Treks you will also be donating part of your fees to this good course.

  Sarita paris -Somerset,

2015-03-19 03:24:10

EBC trek March 2015

This is my second trip with Mountain World Treks and I would highly
recommend the company. The owner is absolutely wonderful and always
makes sure that everything goes well with the trip. My guide was so kind and
always looked after me and nothing was too much trouble. It was an amazing
holiday once again and I would not think twice about using this company -
such lovely people

  Jessi chan,

2014-09-13 04:23:23

Great adventure! :)

Saligram and team were friendly and professional. From our arrival in
Kathmandu till the last day of our trip, everything were well organized. We had
an amazing adventure and I highly recommend our guide Saligram and his
team to guide you to your own amazing journey of a lifetime.

  Jessica Low -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2014-05-20 04:25:02

Personalise service

Friendly and personalize service to meet your every requests. We first met
Sali at the airport after almost 2 hours upon arrival and there he was smiling
helping us with the bags in a crowded area. he had never say no to all of our
requests and all comes with a friendly warm smile.
I will definitely recommend him to others who will be going to Nepal!

  Izyan A -Shah Alam, Malaysia,

2014-05-18 04:26:25

One of the best hiking experience;)

Our trekking/hiking journey with Sali and his porters was one of the best
experience in my life!! The support, friendliness, nastiness (ahaks!), etc were
actually keep us going everyday..I will never forget your wife's dhal bhat
Sali!!The best dhal bhat ever!! Thank you Sali!!Love you!

  Chan Siew - Singapore,

2014-05-17 03:59:05

Dream Come True - EBC TREK

A BIG thumbs up to our guides, Sali and sali Sandip for their professional guidance
to our group in achieving our goal in reaching EBC. Their patience and advice
during the journey helps us to overcome obstacles in reaching the top.
Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Sali and Sandip for their relentless effort
in assisting us all the way... true friends indeed!
Keep up the good work!!

  Bro Man,

2014-05-13 04:27:14

Friendly and helpful trekking guide

Santai ABC Backpacker consist of 31 participant hikers from Malaysia, very
grateful to Saligram & Team for professional support and service provided
beyond expectations. Friendliness is the key in his service and we are happy
with the hospitality, make us feel like home. There is no word to describe but
thank you from all of us.

  Albird Ng -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2014-04-29 04:00:25

Everest Base Camp

Joined mountain world treks on this trip on April, I would say that our trip was
perfectly well organised and Sali(our guide) was absolutely professional. We
have 10 of us and few had AMS issues but everything was handled so well
and our friend was sent back to Kathmandu and everything was arranged

  Christopher Jelley - London, UK,

2014-04-12 11:14:35

3 Different treks done with Mountain World Treks!

I have used this company four times now for trekking in the Himalayas. Have completed the Mustang, Annapurna, and Everest base camp with Saligram who is a very experienced guide. I trust him with my own life and that of my family. He is 100 percent trustworthy, professional, and honest in all ways. He never distorts the truth and is conscious of safety and health. He is well respected by locals on the various treks he offers and uses good reliable porters. Nothing is too much trouble for him to arrange and you always get to see the best of Nepal including sights and meals. I have traveled with various age groups with this company and always received the best. I cannot recommend this company highly enough and Saligram's services he offers.

  Paul Walters - Sunderland, UK,

2014-03-12 11:33:00

Everest trek in Nepal

Without a doubt the best holiday experience I have ever had. From start to finish Saligram and his team provided a 5-star service. From the peaks of Everest to the local temples, I can honestly say it was the most awe-inspiring and enjoyable holiday. The views are second to none and mountain world treks provide the expertise and knowledge to go with it. I would recommend this company to anyone traveling to Nepal.

  Nik Abdullah Fathil - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

2014-02-13 08:39:00

ABC trekking- Trip of Lifetime

I joined a group who dealt with Saligram for ABC trekking, and all I can say is
excellent service by Mountain World Treks! Company owner, Saligram was
really helpful, friendly, funny and very responsible to attend with each of our

needs although we were a big group of 31 people, but he paid attention to
each of us. Other guides, Prakash and Sam, also all porters were also helpful
and really friendly. At night after a hard day on track, we would always listen
to the porters singing and learnt some traditional nepali dance. Great
accommodation and most important of all, great and yummy foods! After
trekking, Saligram and other guides also accompanied us to go shopping
around Pokhara and Kathmandu, and showed us shops that have good deals.
Saligram also showed us interesting places to visit around Pokhara. Until the
last day, although we have different flight schedule, Saligram and Prakash
make sure that we reached the airport safe and sound. Overall, 5 star service
to Saligram and team! Also if you are Malaysian, be noted that Saligram can
speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia.. That's a big big plus for us!

  Amy Robin, USA,

2013-09-12 10:51:42

EBC trek - Awesome tour group!

Mountain World Treks went out of their way to help co-ordinate the delayed baggage to be sent from Kathmandu Airport to Pokhara Airport. Upon arrival of our baggage in Pokhara airport 3 days later, Sali and his team personally collected our baggage from the airport and brought them safely to our hotel. Such concern about our well-being was truly appreciated by our trekking group.