Posted On:Friday, March 6, 2020

Trekking in Nepal is always fun with adventure. Only those can achieve both who has come with full preparation for the trek. Every trekker should know that trekking is mostly the physical work, though trekker doesn’t need to be a best athlete or experienced mountaineer to trek in Nepal.

Here are few tips for the trek preparation;

1. A few weeks of soft training and mental preparation.
2. Take few hours walk in a day.
3. Walk some upstairs and downstairs every day.
4. Identify the best time to travel in Nepal.
5. Find the best trekking destination in Nepal which you really want to do.
6. Bring right gear for your trek in Nepal.
7. Better to know about the Nepali culture.
8. Altitude Sickness awareness.
9. Build up your stamina.
10. Most importantly book your trip via a reliable trekking company.