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island peak summit

Most Treks takes you to the bottom of mountains….well we want to take you to the top! Imja Tse (Island Peak) 6189m. This could be your goal!

Imagine how you will feel standing on the top of a Himalayan Peak. Looking around surrounded by the highest mountain range in the world.Though classed as a trekking peak you will have the excitement of real mountaineering as we teach you basic rope, ice axe and crampon and ice skills. we would love to stand on the Island peak summit with you, looking at one of the most amazing panoramas in the world. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way with a highly experienced team of HIGH ALTITUDE SHERPA CLIMBING GUIDES on hand.


I have never Climbed before, can I go for Island Peak?

There is always first time for everything including peak climbing. There are non-technical peaks, which can be climbed safely by Trekkers and even slightly technical peaks can be attempted by a novice climber with a professional climbing guide.
Island Peak is strenuous plus trek which involves trekking as well as climbing with all the expedition equipment. Though previous climbing experience certainly helps yet no prior experience is required for Island Peak climbing. Moreover, at Island Peak base camp our climbing Sherpa guide will organize a special climbing training session on required climbing skills and use of climbing equipment. Pre physical training is must to make successful trip without a pain.

island peak climbing

How difficult is the Island Peak Climbing?

Island peak is a difficult climb at an extreme altitude, The first part of the ascent is physically very hard. You will trek through a rough terrain at over 5000m. Once you reach the glacier field, you must rope-up and wear crampons. The ascent is very steep and the air at its thinner . However, the climbing route is safe because of fixed rope lines.
During the trek/climb, the level of oxygen in the air becomes less at high altitudes. So, you must acclimatize to the oxygen deficiency gradually along the trail. With strong determination, you will get up to the summit ridge. And after summit coming down to base camp also another challenging prat of the trip.

Is physical fitness required to Climb Island Peak?

Oh yes!!! Climbing above 6000m peak physical conditioning required. it is important to remember this is not a must-follow rule of fitness regimen to successfully climb Island Peak. It is meant as a general guideline to get you prepared physically and mentally before the trip. Everyone’s body respond differently, and depending on your body and health condition, you might need to prepare yourself accordingly. However, if you are fit and in good shape you will be able to enjoy the whole experience.

What is the Biggest Problem Most People face on Island Peak
Usually people face their own fear, have I done the right training, do I have the right mountain experience? Having a positive frame of mind is so important. If you have done all the preparation and training, you should feel confident in your own ability. Enjoy the journey rather than focusing on the top. You will get there.

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What problems can arise on altitude?

At high altitude your cardio-pulmonary system is affected by low oxygen density and you can suffer from general breathing difficulties to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) as well as your skin is susceptible to sunburn if not protected by cloths or sunblock. The AMS is preventable through appropriate trekking pace and undertaking acclimatization.

island peak climbing

How dangerous is Island Peak?

Yes there is little objective danger as in vertical ice but there are crevasses and potential avalanches along the route so care must be taken. The real crux of climbing Island Peak is the final 150 meters or last 450 feet. It can be a bit steep and these days there is a fixed rope.

view from island peak summit

What is climbing permit and Do I need?

Climbing Permit for trekking peaks is a legal document issued by the Nepal Mountaineering Association authorizing the climber to attempt the climb on designated peak or route. Attempting a climb without permit is illegal. Mountain world Treks will arrange all of these permit and travel document for you.

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Which is the best season for peak climbing?

In general Mid September to November and Mid March to May are two climbing seasons in Nepal.

What gear do I need for Island Peak climbing?

Mountain World Treks provides you all the necessary gears for climbing like Boots, crampons, ice axe, ice bar, ice screw, zoomer, harness, figure of eight, safety helmet, plain and locking carabiners, and climbing rope etc.

island peak summit

Food and accommodation on island peak climbing

During your Island Peak climbing, you will have the three-course meal in the lodges or tea houses you will be staying in while on trekking section and the sherpa guides are experts in cooking and you will be fed nutritious foods while you are camping for climbing section.

Make sure you drink 4-5 liters of water per day in order to keep yourself hydrated and avoid any kind of sickness. On trek you can buy bottle water or boiled water or drink purified tap water and while on camping fpor climbing nypu will be serve boiled water by you’re your climbing crew. Your body dehydrates faster at higher altitudes. So, always follow the necessary precautions.

Island peak base camp

What type of insurance should I have? Where can I obtain the insurance?

We strongly suggest you to have an all-inclusive travel insurance policy covering all the aspects of your adventure though we ensure you that there would be hardly any evacuations or any health catastrophe as your leader is medically trained and has ample knowledge to deal with any life threatening situation. But it’s always wise to have insurance as your back up for just in any case.

What is the cost of Peak Climbing?

The cost depends on the number of climbers in the group. The cost of the climb consists of trekking cost, transportation costs (airfare or surface transportation), equipment and staff requirements, climbing duration and permit costs. Please consult us.

Why climb Island peak with MOUNTAIN WORLD TREKS?

We are 1 of the most reputable company for the quality service, proper safety back up, responsible travel with details logistic support though the trip. We have the experience local climbing guide and we provide all the personal and group climbing gear including the climbing boots which means one can join the climbing trip with us with normal trek gear – No need to worry or invest on any of the climbing gear just for one trip.very year we are growing and trekkers and climbers who have joined once with us are return with us because they know we do our best to make the trip responsible, safe and trip of a lifetime.

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