Bungee Jump - Sali Trekking Bungee Jump - Sali Trekking

Trip Overview

If you want to experience the exciting rush of bungee jump then nowhere is better than in Nepal with Mountain World Treks. The bungee site is situated on a 166 m wide bridge standing 160 m above the wild and fast flowing Bhote Kosi River, close to the Nepal-Tibet border. After a 3 hour bus ride from Kathmandu you will get the destination. Firstly be weighed so that the expert instructors can determine which cord to use.

The jump has been designed by a team from New Zealand taking into account not just the adrenaline rush but obviously safety. This is as safe as it gets, there have never been any accidents. The newly constructed bridge was designed by a Swiss team and built with bungee jumping as its prime purpose. It has a 4x safety factor. It is designed to hold 250 kg per running meter, so can hold a total of 4.5 tonnes! More than 6000 meters of steel cable is used in its construction. It is the longest suspension bridge in Nepal. It has also shortened the locals walk by 5 hours to cross the gorge! Imagine a bridge 160 meters above a tropical gorge with the Bhote Kosi River, one of Nepal’s wildest rivers raging below; close your eyes and JUMP!!